Telecom GIS System

Telecom GIS System

The use of Telecommunication is a necessity for everyone these days. As  a result telecommunication has so much to do with different sectors of technologies. One of those technologies is GIS, GIS plays a major role for telecom industry. Telecom GIS System is an initiative by IGIS Map to provide help for research and analytics of existing socio-economic factors, business processes and operational complexities in Telecommunication industry. It is created to solve the vast area of issues related to GIS for Telecommunication industry.

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Telecom GIS System

It is powerful tool to create maps, integrate information, visualize scenarios, solve complicated problems, present powerful ideas & develop effective solutions. It helps telecom industry personnel recognizes the  opportunities, market trends, threats and patterns.

  • Visualize with Us – Users can locate areas of market trends and growth as they appear. Which can help them in providing time to respond to the situations.
  • Analyze with Us – Users can analyze the test scenarios with GIS tool. They can select and analyze the network performance and fix the issues before they affect services.

Telecom GIS System is offering these 3 modules in its package for the Telecom industry’s benefit.

The Telecom GIS system have the feature to attach documents, spreadsheets, or images to provide users with additional information or required documentation with these modules. The GIS system uses the information technology and GIS for software and data so that it can provide these excellent services to the industry professionals which otherwise may not be possible with tabular format data. 

Telecom GIS System – Issues

Telecommunication industries are striving to add innovations to various aspects such as Plan, Build and Operate because of the growth prospects of the industry. Here are some major problems faced by Telecommunication sector:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Personnel Management
  • Market Segmentation
  • Real-time Knowledge Of Network Structure

As we have already discussed these issues in our previous blog, here is the link for more details on Problems Faced by Telecom Industry and the ways in which GIS helps in solving these problems.

Telecom GIS System – Features

This GIS system can help telecommunication industries in various ways. It will enhance the ability of stakeholders to build resilient infrastructure, facilities, distribution, quality of services, security and innovation in business. Its features helps stakeholders to understand the network structure on a near real-time basis, for better capacity planning.

Some of the features of Telecom GIS System are as follows:

  • Location-Based Information

Location is fundamental to all telecommunications services—cable, wireless, and wire-line. Now with Telecom GIS system, quickly discover and access location information from an application on any device, anywhere, anytime.  Most noteworthy the stakeholders can also enable sales and marketing departments to more effectively target their customers or transfer location information to the field technician to resolve problems and issues. The stakeholders can also evaluate the most cost-effective areas and routes for deploying new networks with the location-based information.

  • Field Data Collection

The Field data collection will be made available to all stakeholders through web interface and a mobile application. GIS system provides provides the selective mode of data collection by walk or vehicle mode. The field data collection enhances efficiency of network monitoring activities as this provides the real-time field data information. Field Data collection also helps in decreasing the response time for network recovery on the field. Geographic based work order management.

  • Map Creation and Updation

Map creation of networks was a lot troubled work previously, it used to take more time and man power to create a map of land survey data and lots of drawing skills to map them. Maps are created easily with the help of GIS technology now-a-days. Hence GIS system provides tool to create map in just a minute and can be updated after getting published. No drawing skills is required for creating the map of networks for telecom industry.

The  integrated maps and information can help stakeholders make the better decisions about maintaining and planning the network infrastructure.

  • Query Management and Analysis

Telecom GIS system helps in optimize strategic planning for network expansion, Optimized network routing, cost estimating and jurisdiction with Query management and analysis of the network area. It provides the query and analysis tools to determine optimal network routing between sites to determine optional paths for cable networks applying user defined criteria (i.e. minimum distance, minimum items required). The system also provides web interface with functionality like services, physical and logical tracing. The system can also be able to do analysis of the number of customers affected due to the fault in a network.

  • Conversion of CAD/GIS data sets

This system supports almost every CAD and GIS data. So if the stakeholder wants to convert the CAD/GIS data files into other formats they are free to do so. Conversion of data sets can help users to get the required format of data as output they need.

  • Report generation and designing tools

Report generation is one of the most important feature in the Telecom GIS system. In this system stakeholders can get both the administrative report and the work order report. The user can generate own reports and download the network data. Report generation could help in Outside or inside plant management, query management or the bill of material generation.

Telecom GIS System also offers the designing tool’s functionalities like pan, zoom, identifying features on a map,  measure distance, interactive north arrow, magnification window, overview window, find place, query attribute, search attribute, editing, geo-processing tasks, adding base maps etc.

  • Share and Collaborate

Telecom GIS system allow the stakeholders to collaborate by sharing maps and dashboards that illustrate performance and statuses to support decision-making. It allows the field operations to collect data and communicate with the main officers and similarly enables sales staff to share market forecast maps with network planners. Sharing network data can be very helpful for collaborating in telecom industry. 

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Telecom GIS System – Uses

    • Identify New Business Opportunities

Telecom Marketing experts can identify the specific areas with the high growth potential businesses by visualization of map. They can determine the areas for the network investment for new businesses with high profit.

    • Mapping potential customers

Telecom industries personnel can visualize the potential customer base by analyzing the best location for network investments. And route for determining the nearing and exceeding capacity networks for  opportunities to reach new customers.

    • Effective Functioning

Real-time data information via maps helps telecom industries analyze real-time progress when establishing new network infrastructure. From this information they can understand manage the progress quickly and efficiently to reduce the time to market.

Telecom GIS System helps identify relations between potential customer’s location and the organization’s marketing region. Telecom sector can use this GIS system for getting information details similar to customer’s demography, location, lifestyle, business behavior and managing organization’s marketing strategy, promotional events or Maximizing the effectiveness of strategic investments. 

Basically, GIS is widely used in making effective decisions using the existing network structure and network performance status in Telecom sector. Telecom GIS system is an effective and efficient software to use for the telecom industries. For furthermore queries drop you comments below. Any suggestions are welcome.

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