Election Map Benefits List – Types of GIS Election Map Create

As map is a one of great tool for analysis purpose, and so is useful for analysing the information of election by creating map. Election, is one of the most important activity that took place in country or state or at sub state level. In this post we will check Election Map Benefits List and Types of people who will get benefits by election map. With Election Maps, many types of people can take benefits in doing their research and analysis in few minutes i.e

  • Politician – Can analyse the map and prepare their speech, use for further targeting the people, look over the possibility of their winning etc.
  • Public or People – Can visualize the election map and find out where are the development made by which parties or politician, where are the poll booths located etcs.
  • Election commission
  • News or Media people – For creating different kind of news and providing the info to public

In addition to supporting elections on the front end, GIS or Map can support many business processes of elections management including address validation, polling place siting and optimisation, routing of elections volunteers and personnel, mapping of voter turnout for planning and decision support, development of precinct maps, redistricting, and generation of real-time election results.

Following are some analysis report which can be generated by Election Map:

  • We can have the previous year information about party, winning candidate, runner up candidate, vote counts and how much amount they spent on election process etc.
  • We also can have their other details of candidate such as qualification, criminal records or caste etc.

Election Map Benefits List

  1. By analyzing the previous record we actually can predict the result for upcoming elections.
  2. The most exciting feature we get while using the map is that we can track the winning and runner up candidate in each state or city at same time.
  3. We can check real time vote count every signal minute.
  4. Comparison is easy with other parties and with other state.
  5. Easy way to find out polling places with proper direction and also the nearest one.
  6. Map can be used to display the numbers of men and women who serve on appropriations parties.
  7. As if we have map with detailed data then we can even apply various filters such as distinguish area for winning or runner up candidate in men or women, caste wise, party wise or state wise etc.
  8. Using GIS, we can even target the person, who are registered voters but don’t vote regularly.

Other Benefits of Election Map

  • Improved transparency
  • Easy access to information
  • List of registered voter and coordinators and managing it
  • Checking voting irregularity
  • Easy access to polling location

Providing all the facility we must take care that data should not be misuse. This data can be used by political parties, consultants, researchers, media professions and other organization.

Types of Election Map created:

Here we have researched and found out few election map generated recently in following websites like :

From NDTV:

Election Map Benefits List

From Times:

Election Map Benefits List
Election Map Benefits List

From DNA

Election Map Benefits List

What you think about Election Map? How more useful the election map can be? And what kind of data you want to analyse and generate from Election Map. Hope you find this article helpful. Do comment below to discuss more about the type of Election Map and benefits. If you are looking to create one such Map, do contact us, we are one of the best agency to create one such interactive map.

Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map- Types Of Google Maps Layer

Google Maps is reaching the heights of  the Perfection in providing services to its users, Google Maps is one of the largest location service provider. They have again putted some features to make its use easy and flexible which will obviously make its users happy. We can use the Google maps in three different ways too. Types of Google Maps – Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map. 

So, there are enormous use of all the three. Road Map has its own important features, Satellite View can also be very fruitful for Google Maps users, and the Terrain, it is also the greatly used  Map of Google Maps.

You may check all features covered under one article for Google Map.

Types of Google Maps – Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map:

Basically, we have three types of Maps which are as follows :

  • Road Map

types of maps

  • Satellite Map

types of maps

  • Terrain Map.

Types Of Google Maps

Let us discuss all the features, good, bad and everything about these Google Maps Layers.

Road Map – Types of Google Maps

Road map Basically is the Map which we see which we visualize when we open the  Google Maps. It is the Normal and general Map which helps us to Navigate,to find location through roads, it is the basic version of the maps.

We can also use the Road maps to mark the places,for voice  navigations and all the other features can be used through it. It is one of the simplest way to find out the routes,locations, making our own route and what not.

Satellite Map – Types of Google Maps:

Satellite Maps gives the imagery view of any location or area . It shows  how a place would look like from satellite. These kind of maps are more certain and reliable ,they shows us the best possible ways to any location.

As it shows how the earth or part of earth will look like it makes easy for us to find out the area or location which we wish to know or which we want to visit, it gives the real image of the area , such that we can easily use this.
We can easily use all the features of google Maps in satellite view as well, like WIFI use only, add stop  in between the route and everything else can be done with the satellite map.

Terrain Map – Types of Google Maps:

Terrain Maps are useful for every Individual. Terrain Maps are the ones which makes us identify the terrain area or mountain area easily, they are shaded with the stone color or brown color to make them identify easily.

This useful terrain Map can be used by any individual user of Google Maps, and it also supports all the features of Google Maps like Label the locations.

45 degree imagery – Types of Google Map:

The  Google Maps provide 45 degree image resolution. This high resolution maps provide perspective view for each direction ,these images are available at higher Zoom level for the maps type supported.

So,these are the three Types of Maps which can be used by any individual for their convenience they allow you to access all the features of google maps . Now that you know about the type of maps , use them and do let us know your experience by commenting in the comment box.