Download Syria Administrative Boundary Shapefiles – National , Province , District , Sub-Districts and More

Download Syria administrative boundary shapefiles Syria national boundary province district sub-districts-and more

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Download Shapefile Data of Syria

Syria lies between latitudes 32° and 38° N, and longitudes 35° and 43° E. The climate varies from the humid Mediterranean coast, through a semiarid steppe zone, to arid desert in the east. The country consists mostly of arid plateau, although the northwest part bordering the Mediterranean is fairly green. Al-Jazira in the northeast and Hawran in the south are important agricultural areas. The Euphrates, Syria’s most important river, crosses the country in the east. Syria is one of the fifteen states that comprise the so-called “cradle of civilization”.

Syria National Boundary

Download Syria National Boundary Shapefile

Download Syria Provinces Shapefile Data

Syria is Divided into 14 Provinces also called as Governorates or Counties.

  • Aleppo 
  • Raqqa 
  • As-Suwayda 
  • Damascus 
  • Daraa 
  • Deir ez-Zor 
  • Hama 
  • Al-Hasakah
  • Homs 
  • Idlib 
  • Latakia 
  • Quneitra 
  • Rif Dimashq 
  • Tartus 
Syria Provinces Boundaries

Download Syria Provinces Boundaries Shapefile

Download Syria District Shapefile Data

Syria is Divided into 65 District.

Syria Districts Boundaries

Download Syria Districts Boundaries Shapefile

Download Syria Sub-District Shapefile Data

Districts are divided into 281 Sub-Districts.

Syria Sub-Districts Boundaries

Download Syria Sub-Districts Boundaries Shapefile

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