Mapzen Alternative – Build your server

In this post we are focusing on Mapzen Alternative. Recently an open source mapping company Mapzen announced it would shut down shortly with Its hosted APIs and support services going down too. Mapzen Alternative – Build your own server Mapzen tools help developers build wonderful interactive maps and equip them with search and routing services. … Continue reading “Mapzen Alternative – Build your server”

Install GeoServer for Ubuntu

Install GeoServer for Linux System. For producing any detail map, we need to have large detailed dataset. If it is about country level or world level analysis it may create huge problem with huge dataset. It can hang your system or slow down it. Even for browser it is dangerous because browser takes time or … Continue reading “Install GeoServer for Ubuntu”

QGIS Server – Configuration and Deploying QGIS Project

In our Previous Post QGIS Server – Installation we have talked about the installation process of QGIS Server in Ubuntu and it was easy. In previous post we get the XML file with GetCapabilities working in the browser. In the following sections, we will provide a sample configuration to set up a QGIS Server on … Continue reading “QGIS Server – Configuration and Deploying QGIS Project”

QGIS Server – Installation in Ubuntu

QGIS Server is one of the best server for web map rendering and it can be also used as back end for the GIS logic. This post summarizes notes about QGIS Server – Installation in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. As we know QGIS Server is a  FAst Common Gateway Interface application and it is written in C++ … Continue reading “QGIS Server – Installation in Ubuntu”

Install Geoserver – Windows OS – Step by Step

GeoServer is an open source server for sharing geospatial data in both vector and raster format. It is designed to host major data sources, which can easily render on maps. Download stable version of GeoServer to Install: Google out link. Hit the Download tab and install the stable version of geoserver. In this tutorial … Continue reading “Install Geoserver – Windows OS – Step by Step”