QGIS 3.2.1 open and view vector data

In GIS , geographic features are often expressed in multiple data formats. Vector and raster data are prime data formats. In this post you will know  about QGIS 3.2.1 open and view vector file – shapefile, kml, dxf, geosjon etc. Vector describes geographic data into three types of geometry. Data represented in terms of points, line … Continue reading “QGIS 3.2.1 open and view vector data”

Introduction of QGIS 3.2.1 for beginners

Quantum Geographical Information System is a open source platform for viewing, editing, managing and analysis of spatial data with various features which makes your analysis better. As we need word processor to deal with words similar to this for spatial information we require GIS application. In this blog I am providing Introduction of QGIS 3.2.1 … Continue reading “Introduction of QGIS 3.2.1 for beginners”