Create Customized Maps with Google Maps – My Map Feature

My Map is one of the new feature offered by the Google Maps, Google maps are trying to satisfy their users by providing the best ease of using the Google Maps. Customization has reached to a level that now it is available in the google maps too. My maps is the tool which helps in making your own customized and personal maps.

Customization of the Maps has never been so easy than this. customization itself is a very much good attribute to hike upon on business and as we all know that we like the things which we can mould according to us, according to our comfort, according to our ease of use ,according to our benefit.

My Maps feature on web Platform – Google Map

Primary Features of My Maps

Let us check the way to use My Maps Feature on web, so as to create your own customized map:

  • To use my maps features of Google Maps open Google Maps in the Web platform google map  my map editor. Or you can do it by navigating to google map and follow this steps:

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • Tap on the hamburger button located left to the search bar.
  • when you tap on the hamburger button you will see ‘your places’ options.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • Tap on ‘your places’ option.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • once you tap on the ‘your places’ options you will see the card getting opened for your your places.
  • Tap on the ‘Maps’ option of the ‘your places’ card.
  • Customized Maps With Google Maps
  • once you tap that card you will see the maps you have already created and in the bottom you will see the option to ‘create maps’ and ‘see all your maps’.
  • Tap on either of the option to create your customized map.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • You will see this ‘create a new Map’ option, tap on it and now you can create your own map.

customized maps with google Maps

So, this is how you can make your customized map. Still not satisfied with the level of customization? okay not a big deal for google Maps, adding more features to Customization now you can also add image to your markers. As shown in the above image you can see at the right bottom of the card a camera sign, that means you can also add the image of your choice to that mark.

There are so many things which you can do with your customized Maps , such as :

  • Making Polygons: You can make polygons with the help of ‘draw line’ options by joining them. You can also change the color of the polygon once you save the polygon you can add color to it by tapping on the style icon. We use colors to give every polygon an Identity, You can give blue color to the polygon for water surfaces, green indicates park or garden.
  • Draw lines :  While with the plain lining you can also add the route for four wheeler, two wheeler and for the pedalist as well. You can use styling to color the poly lines also.
  • Label the spots :  you can also add the spots and label them.

customized maps with google Maps

  • Add the Marker : as shown in the above image I have marked a location by tapping on the pin.
  • You can also add directions to it:  you can add directions too while creating your customized map.
  • measure the distances: Google Maps customized map also help you in measuring the distances.

customized maps with google Maps

Share your Maps:  

You can also share your Maps by tapping on the ‘your Places’ and then tapping on the Maps to see all your Maps when you can see all  your Maps tap on any map and then it will be opened up as shown in the above picture.tap on the share button and then give a name to your Map and fill its description, and then add the name of the people you want to share it with and change the access according to you.

Secondary Features Of My Maps – Create Customized Map

Google Maps’ My Maps features also facilitates you to check map explorer option of Google map:

  • All Maps that you have created, own and the ones which you do not own.

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps you own

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps shared with You

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps not owned by you

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps you have been recently to.

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

Maps View :

You can also view the maps according to your preferences, you can arrange them in the list or grid order, you can also sort them according to you.

  • List View

google maps My maps feature

  • Sorting

customized maps of google maps

Moreover, you can also ‘Share customized maps’ on Google maps ,for other users to use and explore them and get to know about the various locations. Google Maps are very much known and reachable to anyone across the globe.

Look more Google Map tips and Tricks, So,now make your own map ,showcase your location, let people know more about the places , and enjoy the customization at Google Maps too.

Explore Maps Story – Google Maps My Map Explorer feature

Google Maps has been proving itself since very long, Google Map is one of a kind, location search engine.  Google Maps is the location search engine which is laced with the long list of the features . Google maps offers the best ever features to its users. Starting from the navigation they have now reached up to a very big level and advanced features. Now in addition they have allowed their users to make their maps and share them with the other users. My Maps – Maps Explorer are the very useful features offered by  Google Maps to its users.

This Feature can be used on the web platforms . Google Maps My Maps – Maps explorer features are very useful for the people who are travel freak or may be for the people who loves to know about the different locations of the different countries.

Explore Maps Story – Google Map Explorer

The Maps in the explore section of the My Maps features are the ones which are made by the people across the globe and  have shared it.

To explore the Maps across the world all you need to do is to follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google Maps on web  platform and login to it.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Tap on the Hamburger button located at the left of search tab.
  • After tapping on the Hamburger button scroll it down and you will see ‘your Places‘ option.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Tap on ‘your Places’ option .
  • once you open your places you will find four option ,tap on the last one that is ‘Maps’.

  • Tap on the Maps and you will get ‘see your Maps’ option, tap on it.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Once you open the explore option you can see the maps created and shared  over there. Or you can directly open following link if you are already login, you can check the map explorer.

My Maps Map Explore

Explore Google Map more features. This is just one feature of My Maps from Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to create your customized apps. So,there are more features to your ease offered by Google Maps.