Download Maldives Administrative Boundary GIS Data – Provinces, Atolls and more

IGISMAP introduces the Maldives’ GIS data collection, encompassing administrative boundaries such as national boundaries and atolls, available for download in various formats including ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, and CSV, providing GIS enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore and analyze geographic and administrative features for mapping projects.

Exciting news for GIS enthusiasts! IGISMAP has just released GIS data collections for over 100 new countries. You can now access the shapefiles of all essential administrative and other geographical features. The provided links allow you to download the Maldives Administrative Boundary GIS Data in ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, and CSV formats.


  • All data available are in GCS datum EPSG:4326 WGS84 CRS (Coordinate Reference System).
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Download Shapefile Data of Maldives

Maldives, officially known as the Republic of Maldives, is a picturesque island nation situated in the Indian Ocean. Comprising a total of 26 atolls, which are formed by more than 1,000 coral islands, Maldives is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Geographically, Maldives is located southwest of Sri Lanka and India, spanning an area of approximately 298 square kilometers (115 square miles). The country stretches over 820 kilometers (510 miles) from north to south and 120 kilometers (75 miles) from east to west. The nearest landmass is the Indian Lakshadweep Islands.

Maldives National Boundary
Maldives National Boundary

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Download Maldives National Boundary Shapefile

Download Maldives Atolls Shapefile Data

The Maldives, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, is an archipelago consisting of 26 atolls, which are further divided into 20 administrative atolls. These atolls serve as the country’s primary administrative divisions. Each atoll comprises numerous coral islands, with some atolls boasting more than 200 individual islets. The capital city, Malé, located in the Kaafu Atoll, is not only the political and economic hub of the Maldives but also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Despite facing challenges from climate change and rising sea levels, the Maldives’ administrative atolls remain a symbol of natural beauty and cultural richness, attracting tourists from around the globe.

Maldives Atolls boundaries
Maldives Atolls boundaries

Download Maldives Atoll Shapefile

This shapefile covers following administrative atolls of maldives listed below:

  1. Alifu Alifu Atoll (North Ari Atoll)
  2. Alifu Dhaalu Atoll (South Ari Atoll)
  3. Baa Atoll
  4. Dhaalu Atoll
  5. Faafu Atoll
  6. Gaafu Alifu Atoll (North Huvadhoo Atoll)
  7. Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll (South Huvadhoo Atoll)
  8. Gnaviyani Atoll (Fuvahmulah)
  9. Haa Alifu Atoll (Thiladhunmathi Uthuruburi)
  10. Haa Dhaalu Atoll (Thiladhunmathi Dhekunuburi)
  11. Kaafu Atoll (Male Atoll)
  12. Laamu Atoll
  13. Lhaviyani Atoll
  14. Meemu Atoll
  15. Noonu Atoll
  16. Raa Atoll
  17. Seenu Atoll (Addu Atoll)
  18. Shaviyani Atoll
  19. Thaa Atoll
  20. Vaavu Atoll

Download  Maldives North Male Atoll Shapefile Data

North Malé Atoll is one of the most popular and frequently visited atolls in the Maldives. Located in the northern part of the archipelago, it is situated close to the capital city of Malé, making it easily accessible for tourists.

The capital city of the Maldives is Malé, and it is not specifically located within the North Malé Atoll. However, Malé is situated in close proximity to the atoll and serves as the central hub for transportation, administration, and commerce in the country. It is located on the southern edge of the North Malé Atoll, which makes it easily accessible from the various resorts and islands within the atoll.

Hulhumalé is a reclaimed island located in the Maldives, situated in the southern part of the North Malé Atoll. It is an artificial island developed as a response to the growing population and urbanization pressures faced by the capital city of Malé. Hulhumalé serves as an extension of the greater Malé area and has become a key residential, commercial, and recreational hub.

Maldives North Male Atoll Boundary
Maldives North Male Atoll Boundary

Download Maldives North Male Atoll Shapefile

Other Administrative Boundary Data:

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