Google Maps Review Ratings of local Favorites – Know users view

Google maps, One can access map on desktop and on phone as well we have an application for Google maps that we can download from play store. Google map provides us with so many functions like navigation, locations, our history location is also been showed by  Google maps. So adding to the list we have one more new option updated by Google maps that  Google Maps Review Ratings and  “find your favorites” nearby.

So, if you are new to place you will definitely be obliged to thank Google maps for this option. Google is trying to render its services to people in the best way possible no matter if that means being a city guide.

Google Maps Review Ratings – Search Nearby Brief

Now Google maps suggest you the places you can visit, restaurants you can fill your hunger at , or maybe a good pub to enjoy the Saturday night at.

To use this option all you need is a Google map application in your android phone.

Check the following steps to find out your local favorites in the Google map application:-

  • Open your mobile app.
  • Tap on the search bar.

  • Once you tap on the search bar you will find some option

  • Tap on ‘MORE’ icon.
  • Now you will be able to get all the options.

  • Select any option whichever you want. For example:-restaurants.
  • Once you tap on restaurants icon it will give you a list of restaurants nearby you.
  • Tap on the individual restaurant card, doing so lets you check everything about that particular restraunt.

So, it is not only about filling your hunger up but it can be anything else which you need around your location.

Google Maps Review Ratings of LOCAL FAVORITES

while finding your nearby places you can select the places  on the basis of ratings and reviews as google maps will show you the ratings and reviews for every place it shows. Moreover  you can also add the places you had been to and you can review and rate any place you had been to.

Now you know that you can also update the places you had been to ,and also you can rate and review them, but how???

we will show you how to do that, check the steps below :-

Write Reviews and rate the places – LOCAL FAVORITES

suppose you want to rate and review the restaurant you recently been to,  so for that all you need to do is ;

  • Open your Google maps application in your phone.

  • Tap on the search bar.

  • write the name of the place you had been to.
  • click on it .
  • open the card that shows your search

  •  scroll down it to the end .
  • There you will see the option of rate and review.

  • Tap on these stars and it will ask you your review  and you are done with rate and review part.

Sometimes it happens that we do not remember the name of the place but damm you really liked that place and want other too to visit there at least for once. So it is also a very easy task to rate and review that place as Google saves your history locations . so rating and reviewing that way you can take the following steps:-

  • Open the Google maps app in your phone or desktop.

  • On the top left corner of your screen you will see the hamburger  button.
  • Tap that button and you will see the “your contribution” option.

  • Tap on “your contribution” option.
  • once you tap that option scroll it down and you will see “place you’ve visited” in the bold letters .

  • That is the place from where you can do the review  and rate thing for the place you had been to.

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Check Ratings and reviews – Local Favorites

Have you ever thought of being to a new place and looking for a good restaurant, but nobody can decide  it without having been to it or maybe having someone who had been to it can help,also this will help to an extent. To check ratings and reviews of local favorites nearby your locations ; following are the steps for it :

  • open the Google Maps application in your phone.

  • Tap on the search options.

  • Choose your option out of all the choices given. for ex :restaurant.
  • Tap on the Restaurant

  • Open the card of any restaurant  out of all the options.

  • once  you open the card scroll it down
  • There you can see the ratings and reviews given  to that restaurant by the people who had been there.

On the basis of these ratings and reviews you can select the best option available. This way it makes so convenient to choose  a good place without wasting your resources. Use Google Maps Review Ratings feature offered by Google maps and I would love to hear how this article helped you!