Convert Geojson to GML- Geography Markup Language

This article is about Convert GeoJSON to GML. Here we are using GDAL utility (ogr2ogr) for conversion. This conversion become useful when you just wants to study or analysis the data in text format. In GML format stores data as text in tags. It makes easy for user to understand the details of attributes. Before … Continue reading “Convert Geojson to GML- Geography Markup Language”

Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file

In this article we will be discussing about convert GeoJSON to MIF Mapinfo using GDAL utility (Ogr2ogr). This conversion is useful with MapInfo mapping and geographic analysis softwares. Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file We must understand GeoJSON and MIF format in detail before conversion. Specification of GeoJSON data- Convert Geojson to MIF Geojson data is … Continue reading “Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file”

Convert GeoJSON to KML

In this article we would be discussing about conversion of GeoJSON data to KML (Keyhole Markup Language). This conversion is required when you are using software such Google earth to see the data. KML works great with Google earth. There is simple step to Convert GeoJSON to KML using ogr2ogr utility from GDAL library. Before … Continue reading “Convert GeoJSON to KML”

Convert GeoJSON to Shapefile

In this article we are converting GeoJSON to Shapefile shp format. You might be thinking why would anyone convert GeoJSON in shapefile. Answer is very simple Shapefile is very popular data format with open specification for data interoperability among GIS (Geographical information system) softwares. Before moving towards conversion steps we must look for GeoJSON and … Continue reading “Convert GeoJSON to Shapefile”

KML to GML – Convert Keyhole to Geography

Sometimes we need to convert KML to GML where the software supports GML language. But before converting Keyhole markup language to Geography markup language, you should know the basic structure of KML and GML. So that if the file is corrupted then before converting it you can correct it manually and process the same in … Continue reading “KML to GML – Convert Keyhole to Geography”

KML to SHP Shapefile – Convert

Convert kml to shp shapefile. Have you extracted and downloaded kml file from Google Earth or Google map and want to render it with your geo library which support shapefile? Do you have KML data given from third party and want to give a proper representation of data over map by converting the same in … Continue reading “KML to SHP Shapefile – Convert”