Switch to Google Map Lite Mode (Replace classic map) – Improved Speed

Switch to Google Map Lite Mode. Google map Lite mode is introduced after dropping the old classic map support and as an alternative to it,  with more improved features which also helps in reducing the loading time to render graphics on old browsers.

Many people switch back to old classic map, after the launch of New Google Map in 2013, due to slow processing and rendering of graphics. While you can count Google Maps Lite mode as an best alternative solution to old classic Google Map, as Lite mode would load faster in every browser, which does not support for 3D Earth view feature and other 2D imagery. New Google Map uses WebGL for improving graphics which is not in case with Lite Mode Map.

According to Google “This update provides a number of benefits, including easier trip planning, more accurate traffic data, easier ways to explore new areas, and the ability to get you where you’re going with better search, directions, Street View imagery and more.”

Switch to Google Map Lite Mode (Replace classic map) - Improved Speed
Switch to Google Map Lite Mode (Replace classic map) – Improved Speed

Switch to Google Map Lite Mode – Listed features:

  1. ) Load graphics faster
  2. ) Supported in older browsers too.
  3. ) Can able to Switch to Satellite mode.
  4. ) View live traffic and predictable traffic.
  5. ) View direction and ways to get route via bicycle, public transit or by car.
  6. ) View terrain.
  7. ) Get the current screen view link for sharing.
  8. ) Get full menu via one click.
  9. ) Dive into street view directly.

List of features you can’t be able to use in Lite mode Google maps:

1.) 3D imagery and earth view
2.) Your current location on map
3.) Setting your home and work places
4.) Nearby, scaling the distance or getting coordinates features not supported.
5.) Embedding a map and viewing my maps in Google maps.
6.) Draggable route
7.) Reporting a map data problem in Google maps.

If you are in Lite mode, you’ll see a lightning bolt icon in the bottom left which on hovers shows a message: “You’re in Lite mode.” While You can click: “Switch back to full Maps” if your browser supports it. Alternatively you can switch to New Google Map with Full support with the below link:

Switch to Google Map Lite Mode
Switch to Google Map Lite Mode

You can still access your saved places, home and work addresses, personal information and all custom map created, after switching to any of the newer version. None of your data will be lost.

Note : Lite mode is introduced in mid April 2015. You would no longer be able to switch back to older classic google map after the complete update of Google Maps to everyone.

What you think about Lite Mode of Google map? Do express your views on comparing the Google old classic map with respect to Lite mode Google map, in terms of processing speed, features and User Interface, by commenting below.

Author: Akshay Upadhyay

Owner and Director of a Private Limited company which serves individual to large scale industries in the field of Maps and GIS. He is a Gold Medalist in M.Tech(Spatial Information Technology) and owns some famous Technology blogs and website... Know more

4 thoughts on “Switch to Google Map Lite Mode (Replace classic map) – Improved Speed”

  1. It seems lite mode is now being forced on us. According to this, there are currently only about 10 restaurants in London. Now I’m looking for a reasonable alternative to Google maps.

  2. Today there is no difference between the full and lite mode of Google Maps – Street View regarding performance. The only difference is they switch off some of the features (images, routing, etc).

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