Convert Shapefile Shp to Tiff

Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF

TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format and popularly known as a loss less format while other formats have low quality because of compression. Its quality of file reduces as we reduces its size. Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF using IGIS MAP Tool. Through this tool you can convert Shp into SQlite, SHP to KML, KML to GeoJSONKMZ to GPX and many more.

Create your shapefile and convert in TIFF

Download Free Shapefile of Country Map

Shapefile SHP to TIFF conversion –

Go To IGIS Map login with registered id and password or register with valid id if you are newbie. After verification mail set password for your account. After login you will be moved to dashboard. ( screen shown below) Tap on SWITCH TO and click on Converter.

Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF

Next Screen is the Converter screen shown below with three steps. Step one  upload you file from your system or drive or drop from dropbox. Lets drag & from system. It will take time be patient if file size is big.

Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF

Once you file is uploaded you need to select the format of output. If you want different CRS Coordinate Reference System then change it from Change CRS button. In the end tap on Convert File.

Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF

You file is converted and you will be redirected to the map with published converted file. Download the file from button download button in action.

Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF

Check video for steps – SHP to TIFF Conversion

This is all about Shapefile to TIFF conversion. If you are facing any problem in conversion then please let us know through comment or mail.

Usage of IGIS MAP Tool –


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  1. I’m trying to convert a vector shapefile to a raster tiff file. I adapted the source code from Python Geospatial Analysis Cookbook by Michael Diener. The code works for line and polygon shapefiles but shows only a black screen for point shapefiles.

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