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QGIS Tutorial

QGIS is one of the most common open source application used by GIS analyst, Geographers, Civil Engineers and many other professionals. If you are new in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS)  you should consider learning this application, as it will help you to solve many complex problems, analyze area, create reports etc. with just few clicks. Let me introduce you what is QGIS and why you should consider using it before providing all the QGIS tutorial links.

What is QGIS and its Advantages:

QGIS is a Desktop based Geographic Information System (GIS) Application for creating maps, editing, viewing and analyzing Geospatial data. Quantum GIS is a cross platform, free and open source application. It can be run on multiple operating system like Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux and Unix.

QGIS has many advantages over other application like:

  • Simple, easy and User friendly Interface(UI).
  • Is of small size and consumes less RAM memory compared to other GIS application.
  • Supports all kinds of GIS file formats – Either vector or Raster.
  • Tons of plugin are already developed for additional functionality which can be used and added directly. If you don’t the plugin you need, then you can
  • Code in Python or c+++ for integrating the one.
  • A free software application under GNU GPL License
  • And many more.

Download QGIS from Official Website

QGIS 3.4.4 tutorial:

Download, Uploading and Converting geo files in QGIS

Digitizing, Processing, Analyzing, Georeferencing in QGIS

Visit IGIS MAP Youtube Channel for free QGIS Tutorial

QGIS Database Linking

This list will continuously updated as the number of articles for tutorial would be published. If you are an expert in QGIS please consider contributing a tutorial article for same here.

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