Convert KMZ to KML

Convert KMZ to KML

In this post we are going to discuss that how can we convert KMZ to KML data format. Both KML and KMZ are file extensions used in Google applications, specifically Google Earth and Google Maps. A person using these two Google applications can encounter a lot of file formats, including KML and KMZ.

Conversion Of GIS data like KMZ to KML can be so easy with the help of online conversion IGIS Map tool. You can also check Convert KML to DXF. KML to KMZ, KML to SHP, KML to CSV, KML to GML, KML to GeoJSON, KML to Topojson etc.

KMZ to KML – Convert

A .KML file is a text based file composed of Tags similar to .XML or .HTML. KML files can also be converted to a .KMZ file. The differences between .KML and .KMZ is that a .KMZ has been compressed using an application.

KMZ data which is used in software like Google Earth and GPS devices can be converted with one click to KML format used in software like Google Earth, Fusion Tables, Maps and GPS devices With the help of IGIS Map Converter.

IGIS Map Converter also supports more other vectors and rasters GIS/CAD formats and more than 4000 coordinate reference systems. If the coordinate system of your input data is not present or not recognized correctly, it is possible to assign the correct one. IGIS Map Converter makes it possible to transform your data to any other coordinate reference system.

Here are some of the main process in converting KMZ to KML using IGIS Map Converter.

Convert KMZ to KML

  • Once the file upload is completed, select the output file format we want to convert it into i.e. KML. and for setting up the conversion process set the Coordinate Reference System accordingly and Convert the file.

Convert KMZ to KML

  • Now We have successfully converted KMZ to KML, IGIS map converter allows you to download or delete your new KML file format.

Convert KMZ to KML

Output of KMZ to KML Conversion online

  • We can publish the KML file as map to see the content in the file or to check the conversion.

Convert KMZ to KML

  • You can also search locations, add new datasets, edit layers and style the map according to your choice and requirements. As IGIS Map Converter Tool provides many benefits other then just conversion of data. This tool provides us to generate this published map in PDF or as image format.

If you face any problem during implementing this tutorial, please let us know. Feel free to comment in given comment box.

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