Install GeoServer for Ubuntu

Install GeoServer for Linux

Install GeoServer for Linux System. For producing any detail map, we need to have large detailed dataset. If it is about country level or world level analysis it may create huge problem with huge dataset. It can hang your system or slow down it. Even for browser it is dangerous because browser takes time or get in not responding mode. More than this you want to change or query data with rendering it on map, this will take much of your precise time.

To solve this problem we use some servers which can handle the dataset and provide us when required. For the map data we have one the great solution that is geoserver. What is geoserver and how it is helping us… geoserver is an open-source server written in Java that allows users to share, process and edit geospatial data. It helps us to display the information to the world. It has a great feature that using WMS (Web Map Services) standards it provides variety for output format.

Download and Install Geoserver in linux

To download and install Geoserver in Linux based system, please follow the content. First of all download the Geoserver zip folder. To download that navigate to link and click the Platform Independent Binary link.

Now make sure that you have already installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in
your system. if not, please visit website to download and install the JRE in your system. Currently Java 9 is not supported by geoserver so download JRE 8 from oracle.

Steps for installing GeoServer on Linux based operating system-

Step 1 for installing geoserver-

Extract the downloaded geoserver zip file. if you are not sure where to unzip it, navigate to usr/share folder and make a new folder name it as geoserver and unzip file in this folder.


Open the terminal in your system and add an environment variable to save the location of GeoServer by running given command
–> echo “export GEOSERVER_HOME=/usr/share/geoserver”

Step 3 for installing geoserver in ubuntu-

To make sure you are the owner of the geoserver folder, run the give command
–> sudo chown -R USER_NAME /usr/share/geoserver/
Here replace USER_NAME with your user name. The user name can be your system’s user name, then it will ask for the password so give your system password.

Step 4-

After this navigate yourself to the bin folder inside the unzip geoserver folder and run the file.To run this file on terminal, look given command
–> sh

Step 5 for installing geoserver-

Now your geoserver is installed successfully to check open the browser and run the given command

–> http://localhost:8080/geoserver

Give admin as username and geoserver as password. Create your workspace and datastores for various datasets and upload them on geoserver with various styles and icons.

To know how to publish and style vector and raster dataset on geoserver you can visit our previous tutorials as Publish style vector data on geoserver, Publish style raster data on geoserver or install geoserver in windows operating system.

If you have other query related to geoserver or publishing and styling dataset on geoserver, let us know via comments. We would definitely help you out.

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