Geographic Information System (GIS) for Hospital Industry – How, When and Uses


GIS (Geographic Information System) for Hospital Industry. ‘Health is wealth’, this quote is the truth. One can have everything with wealth but not health. One has to do so much to keep the health with them. But at some point of time everyone need an additional support to keep the health on track. That support we get from the Medical industry. Medical science has reached so up that now they have solution of every disease. There are many factors for a disease to occur. Medical Industry is one of the rapidly growing industry, for it is the must for every individual.

Though medical industry is a rapidly growing industry, but it also face some major problems. As we know that to reach to the top we face many hurdles in between. Although the medical industry is doing good but there is something, which helps or can help the medical industry to be better everyday. GIS helps Medical Industry to stay ahead with efficiency.

How GIS helps Medical or Hospital Industry ?

GIS is helping or can help the medical industry in enormous ways. Below mentioned are the major benefits that Medical Industry receive from GIS. GIS helps medical industry in following ways :

Now, lets understand these benefits and the GIS implementation for it .


Identifying Health Trends

Health trends varies from one region to another. A coastal region may not have some of the disease which are found in desert region. So this way the health trends varies from one region to another on the basis of various factors like – air, water, sunlight, food crops, food habits and many more. So, concerning all these factors one can identify the health trends, but to identify the regions one will surely need the GIS maps. With the help of GIS maps one can easily mark up the regions on the basis of these factors and can accumulate the health trends of that particular region.

Tracking the disease spread

While GIS helps in identifying the health trends, it is also capable of giving information regarding the spread of a disease. The spread of a disease refers to the communicable disease. How much communicable a disease is and where it is likely to spread next. So with the help of GIS this can be tracked. Tracking of a disease spread is important as this allows the doctors to take the preventive actions in prior, which can limit the spread of the disease.

Improved Services

Those who can satisfy their customers/consumers/clients with their services, are the one to achieve lots and lots of success. As far as Medical or hospital industry is concerned the better the service the happier the clients. With the help of GIS maps one can easily find out the disease spread regions, health trends, climate trends that prepares them in advance. The knowledge of health trends and disease spread in prior can limit the effect of the disease. Which eventually come up with the Improved services.

These are the benefits of using GIS in medical or hospital industry. If you know any more do let us know by commenting in the comment box provided below

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