Download Nicaragua Administrative Boundary GIS Data for – National, Municipalities, Regions and others layers

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  • all data provided by MAPOG are in GCS datum EPSG:4326 WGS84 CRS (Coordinate Reference System). 
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Download Nicaragua National Boundary

Nicaragua, nestled in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, boasts pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and towering volcanoes. From the historic cities of Granada and León to the tranquil shores of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua offers a rich tapestry of natural beauty and cultural heritage. 

Nicaragua National Boundary

Download Nicaragua National Boundary

Download Nicaragua Provinces Data

Nicaragua’s provinces offer a diverse tapestry of landscapes and cultures. From the lush forests of Jinotega to the volcanic terrain of Masaya, each province showcases unique natural beauty and heritage. Explore the colonial charm of Granada in Granada Province or immerse yourself in the indigenous traditions of the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region. Whether it’s the bustling urban center of Managua in Managua Province or the serene beaches of Rivas in Rivas Province, Nicaragua’s provinces promise unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Nicaragua Provinces Data

Download Nicaragua Provinces Data

Download Nicaragua Municipalities Data

Nicaragua is divided into municipalities, each serving as an administrative region within the country. With a total of 153 municipalities, Nicaragua’s local governance structure plays a crucial role in community development and service delivery.

Nicaragua Municipalities Data

Download Nicaragua Municipalities Data

Download Nicaragua Administrative Boundary GIS Data for – others layers:

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