Download Mexico Shapefile free – Boundary line, Polygon

Download Mexico Shapefile free

Hola GIS researchers and analyst. Here in this post you can download Mexico shapefile free. Yes a country known for tequila. Mexico is country between United States and Central America.

Download Mexico Shapefile free

Mexican City is the capital of Mexico. All data available are in EPSG:4326 WGS84 CRS (Coordinate Reference System). Following are the boundary line map shapefile of Mexico are available to download.

Download link

Download Mexico Outline Boundary line shapefile

Download Polygon shapefile of Mexico

In the following shapefile of Mexico comprises 31 states and capital city Mexico City.

Download Link

Download Mexico Province Divisions Shapefile

Polygon shapefile covers following States of Mexico

1) Chihuahua
2) Sonora
3) Coahuila
4) Durango
5) Oaxaca
6) Tamaulipas
7) Jalisco
8) Zacatecas
9) Baja California Sur
10) Chiapas
11) Veracruz
12) Baja California
13) Nuevo León
14) Guerrero
15) San Luis Potosí
16) Michoacán
17) Campeche
18) Sinaloa
19) Quintana Roo
20) Yucatán
21) Puebla
22) Guanajuato
23) Nayarit
24) Tabasco
25) México
26) Hidalgo
27) Querétaro
28) Colima
29) Aguascalientes
30) Morelos
31) Tlaxcala

Convert Mexico Shapefile into Kml

You can also convert  the same shapefile into Kml by IGIS Map Tool.

Go to Converter and convert the Shape file into Kml file and download it.

We try to cover all data exported from osm in shapefile. The data is provided and converted from osm to shapefile from open street map. All data are updated periodically once in a quarter year.  Similarly you may ask or hire us to download a map of water, roads, polygon, buildings, parks, etcs of a specific Area from open street map.

Please note that the Mexico data provided here is license under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Please review the same before using it. If you want data under different license you can also look over to the post : Download Free Shapefile Maps – Country Boundary Polygon, Rail-Road, Water polyline etc

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Disclaimer : If you find any shapefile data of country provided is in correct do contact us or comment below, so that we will correct the same in our system as well we will try to correct the same in openstreetmap.

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