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Download Shapefile Data of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea, is officially referred to as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. This Central African country is situated on the west coast of the continent and covers an area of approximately 28,000 square kilometers (11,000 square miles). It was previously known as Spanish Guinea during its colonial period, and its name reflects its proximity to the Equator and its location in the Guinea region of Africa.

Equatorial Guinea National boundary
Equatorial Guinea National boundary

Download Equatorial Guinea National Boundary Shapefile

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Download Equatorial Guinea Regions Shapefile Data

Equatorial Guinea is divided into two regions and one autonomous city. Here are the regions and the autonomous city:

  1. Continental Region (Región Continental):
    • This region is located on the mainland part of Equatorial Guinea, known as Río Muni or Continental Equatorial Guinea.
  2. Insular Region (Región Insular):
    • The Insular Region includes several islands, with Bioko Island being the most significant. The capital city, Malabo, is situated on Bioko Island. This region also encompasses Annobón Island and several smaller islets.
  3. Autonomous City of Malabo (Ciudad Autónoma de Malabo):
    • Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, is an autonomous city located on Bioko Island within the Insular Region. It serves as both the political and economic center of the country.
Equatorial Guinea Regions Boundaries
Equatorial Guinea Regions Boundaries

Download Equatorial Guinea Regions Shapefile

Download Equatorial Guinea Provinces Shapefile Data

Equatorial Guinea is divided into two regions and eight provinces:

  • Annobón Province (capital: San Antonio de Palé)
  • Bioko Norte Province (capital: Malabo)
  • Bioko Sur Province (capital: Luba)
  • Centro Sur Province (capital: Evinayong)
  • Djibloho Province (capital: Ciudad de la Paz)
  • Kié-Ntem Province (capital: Ebebiyín)
  • Litoral Province (capital: Bata)
  • Wele-Nzas Province (capital: Mongomo)
Equatorial Guinea Provinces Boundaries
Equatorial Guinea Provinces Boundaries

Download Equatorial Guinea Regions Shapefile

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