Create voronoi polygons from the points plotted from spreadsheet

Voronoi polygon is an area representing the influence from a particular location point. A Voronoi polygon is actually a systematic way to divide spaces into a number of regions using a set of points specified at the beginning. For each point there will be a corresponding region that consists of the points closer to that point than any other. These regions are called Voronoi cells.

IGISMap provides Point to Polygon tool to create polygon from an input point vector data. IGISMap is a web platform providing multiple GIS applications that are most important in the field of geospatial analytics. The peculiarity of IGISMap in the GIS Industry is its UI/UX that helps the user to perform effortless geospatial operations. In IGISMap, we can upload and download GIS data from IGISMap GIS Data collection and use this data to perform geospatial analysis.

Using Point to Polygon tool, voronoi polygon out of the input point locations can be produced and published a new polygon GIS data. These polygon represents the area of influence from each points of the input point data. Lets look into the process to create voronoi polygon as shown below.

Point to Polygon - Voronoi Polygon Layer
Voronoi Polygon Layer

Click the below link to open Point to Polygon tool directly.

Point To Polygon

After opening Point to Polygon tool, first step is to add the data. There are multiple options to add the data, which are:

  • Select,
  • Create Points,
  • Upload Vector,
  • Upload CSV/Excel,
  • Add GIS Data.
Point to Polygon - Add GIS Data
Add GIS Data

Add GIS Data option will be selected as default, where we can add the required point data from IGISMap GIS data collection.

Upload the point data:

In this article, we will upload and plot the points from the Excel file using Upload CSV/Excel File option. In the Upload CSV/Excel File, browse and select the file from the system, then click Upload. Browse the file with USA state wise population, which is final USA population and then upload it.

Point to Polygon - Upload CSV/Excel
Upload CSV/Excel

Then we have to define the location based on the format which coordinates are stored in your Excel file for each location. Here the location is stored in latitude and longitude values in two separate columns. Choose the columns of the input data from the dropdown and click Publish.

Define Location Fields
Define Location Fields

Converting point data to polygon data

After successfully uploading the input point GIS data, Convert Layer section gets opened. Name of the input data is provided as Active Data. In our case, its final usa population. User can change the active data by clicking the Change layer icon. You can to zoom to the layer using Zoom layer icon.

Now click on the Convert button to create voronoi polygon out of the location points from the input data.

Point to Polygon - Convert Layer
Convert Layer

After successfully converted the polygon layer the output is showed of the screen of IGISMap.

Voronoi Polygons
Voronoi Polygons

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