Create point data and convert it into polygons

Voronoi polygon is an area representing the influence from a particular point location. A Voronoi polygon is actually a systematic way to divide spaces into a number of regions using a set of input points. For each point there will be a corresponding area that consists of the locations closer to that point than any other. These areas are called Voronoi cells.

IGISMap provides a Point to Polygon tool to create Voronoi polygons out of point from input point data. IGISMap is a web platform providing multiple GIS applications that are most important in the field of geospatial analytics. In IGISMap, you can upload your GIS data and perform geospatial analysis.

In IGISMap, Point To Polygon tool will convert input point data into polygon data by creating a polygon shape for each point in the input point data, like the following.

Voronoi Polygon
Voronoi Polygon

Let’s look into the steps to use Point to Polygon tool of IGISMap.

Click to open Point to Polygon tool directly

Point to polygon

After opening Point to Polygon tool, first step is to add the data using any of the following options:

  • Select
  • Create Points
  • Upload Vector
  • Upload CSV/Excel
  • Add GIS Data
IGISMap Point To Polygon tool
Point to Polygon

Here we are going to choose the option to Create Points and then convert the point to polygons through voronoi conversion. Thus lets first create and publish point GIS data.

Creating point data

Select Create Points tab which open Add Points section to plot points on the map at the desired locations.

Create Points
Create Points

Points can be plotted through any of the following options that can be used anytime in this section. They are:

  • Add Points
  • Search Address
  • Lat Lon Values

After finish the plotting, click Save and Publish button to publish the point GIS data.

Add Points
Add Points

Check the article Plot ATM locations on a map and embed in your website to know how to create point GIS data using Create Point Data tool.

Converting the Point data to Polygon data

After saving the point data, Convert Layer section is appears to carry out the point to polygon process.

Now click Convert button to run the point to polygon process.

Convert the Point Layer
Convert the Point Layer

As you can see, voronoi polygon layer is created and published in the map.

Voronoi Polygon
Voronoi Polygon

Sharing the voronoi polygon map

For sharing this map we have to click on Share Map button from the map. In the Share Map window, you can give the map name at the map title and  click on Next. Then a share map section appears.

Share Map
Share Map

Choose the option between Share Map as a link or Embed Map to get the html iframe to attach in the webpage. Here you can also two security of the map by selecting Public or Private.

Embed Map
Embed Map

Check the article Share your Map to understand the Share Map feature of IGISMap.

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