Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share

Create and Share Custom Maps - Add on Website, Social Sites Share

Howdy Guys, in these days and age of open source society where people no spun out depends on told information maps play a vital role. In this article we are showing a feature of IGIS Map Tool –  Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share. You can share maps for business websites or you can create maps for academic projects or presentations because visual things are more easily grasped then textual.

Share Map for Business  –

Nowadays customer expect to fend for themselves. They come online multiple times for checking information. New mapping technologies created the life easier. And You can share a location, directions or map by GIS MapOG tool. You can share:

  • A place, business or address
  • A directions search
  • A street view image

Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share

Select-Style - Select the styles you want from different type of style
  • Fill and border color can be changed here. For more attractive map choose Category Style and tap on Edit Layer and then select the layer which you want to edit.
Edit- Layer - Edit the layer as per your need
  • After Custom Legend Your map will be displayed on the screen.
Australia Shapefile- After Editing Yor Map will look like this Amazing

Share a Map – IGIS Map Tool

  • How can I go about sharing a map?
  • Share digital maps to your teams or upload on website.
Share map - Share maps to your teams and on your websites.
  • After clicking on Share Map this will come shown below.
Share-Data- Share Map to your friends or on your website
  • You can share your Maps in 3 different ways as shown above.
  • Lets See about Share Map (Public)
Map-Creation - Create title and share
  • Fill the Title of the Map, Paste the link of your Map.
  • Navigation Bar.-Select the desired color of your navigation bar of map.
  • Click Add Item if you want to add items on navigation bar. You can also add the website link on your navigation bar of map. Once you done with this Tap on Share Map. 
  • After clicked on share map, url will be created.
  • Through that url you can share your maps with others.  
Create -Link- And share on websites and to your groups to view map instantly

In General to share the maps url created with encryption by the map tool.

  • Share Maps via Social Sites:          

User can also share maps directly on social media like facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. IGIS Map tool have provided Social media buttons on the sharing panel to initiate the sharing process for users. Or user can share the generated URL on social sites

You can Embed Customized Map  on your business website to so that customer access become easy. Customized Map Screen is Shown Below. We have created a map of Australia with logo of IGIS  Map  and with website link of facebook, twitter

Australia Map-

Checkout Video Tutorial  on Create and Share Custom Maps provided below.

This all about Creating a Map and sharing the map with website link and logo. If you face any problem please do comment.

You can do more with IGIS Map Tool Check –

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