Quick Embed Customized Map on website

Quick Embed Customized Map on website is a easiest way of adding a map on your website. And make your website interactive by embedding map on it. Maps are more attractive then numbers and words. It is also beneficial for  your business. Quick Embed Customized Map on website  – Using Igis Map Tool Benefits of Embed … Continue reading “Quick Embed Customized Map on website”

Convert Shapefile to DXF

Shapefile is a vector GIS format developed by Esri. It stores geographical information data. Shapefile have three geometries point, line and polygon. GIS data can be stored in different formats and the conversion of data from one format to other is also possible. So in this post we convert Shapefile to DXF. Before conversion lets know … Continue reading “Convert Shapefile to DXF”

Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool

To create GIS Bubble maps, first of all we must know what GIS Bubble Map is?  Bubble Map is all about symbolizing layers to represent quantity, as it mostly works in the same way as quantity map.  Bubble map uses range of colored bubbles of different sizes in visualization of data and is also known … Continue reading “Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool”

Create Category Map in GIS – IGIS Map Converter Tool

Category map in GIS is the most common and simple type of GIS Map. Category map in GIS can be created very easily with the help of IGIS Map Converter Tool. The Category map in GIS help us visualize and identify the category of the location. Categorization is an essential requirement for the map users to analyze … Continue reading “Create Category Map in GIS – IGIS Map Converter Tool”