Convert GML to KML

GML is used in a geographic information system for expressing  geographic features as well as it is used as a open interchange format in GIS. Kml is a vector gis format used for gis data with non gis data users. You can convert GML to KML as well as other GIS Data Conversion using IGIS … Continue reading “Convert GML to KML”

GeoJSON to Tiff – Gis Data Conversion

GeoJSON is a Javascript Object Notation based GIS format. It is used for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. Tiff is raster type gis format. GeoJSON to Tiff – Gis Data Conversion is done by three steps in IGIS Map Tool. Create your own GIS file Using IGIS Map  Add or Load GeoJSON File … Continue reading “GeoJSON to Tiff – Gis Data Conversion”

KML to GeoTIFF/Tiff, Vector to Raster Conversion

Abbreviation Tiff stands Tagged Image Format File. It’s a raster gis data format while KML is used in Google Earth. Through Igis Map Tool KML to GeoTIFF/Tiff, Vector to Raster Conversion is done by one click. Apart from KML to GeoTIFF you can do various GIS data conversion through tool. Tiff image is easily accessible … Continue reading “KML to GeoTIFF/Tiff, Vector to Raster Conversion”

Convert Shapefile SHP to PDF

A GIS file is a format used as a norm for encoding geographical information into computer readable file. GIS (geographical information system) file is mainly divided or differentiated into two vector format and raster format. Most commonly used GIS format is shapefile developed by esri. Using IGIS Map Tool you can convert Shapefile SHP to … Continue reading “Convert Shapefile SHP to PDF”

Convert KML to TopoJSON

KML – Keyhole Markup Language is a GIS format initially  developed for Google Earth while TopoJSON its a extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology it uses arcs. You can convert KML to TopoJSON  file using IGIS Map Tool. You can also use it for other GIS data Conversion. Convert KML to TopoJSON Login to IGIS … Continue reading “Convert KML to TopoJSON”

Convert Shapefile Shp to Tiff

TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format and popularly known as a loss less format while other formats have low quality because of compression. Its quality of file reduces as we reduces its size. Convert Shapefile SHP to TIFF using IGIS MAP Tool. Through this tool you can convert Shp into SQlite, SHP to KML, KML to … Continue reading “Convert Shapefile Shp to Tiff”

Locate DP Junctions, Ports, Fiber Cables, Connected Houses – GIS Telecom

In Telecommunication ‘tele’ comes from Greek means far off and ‘communication’ means exchange of information using some medium. Location information is elemental for telecommunication and GIS in Telecom is widely accepted. Geographical Information System tools manages and analyzes the location of dp junction, available ports, fiber cables lines on the map that increases efficiency of the system. Locate DP … Continue reading “Locate DP Junctions, Ports, Fiber Cables, Connected Houses – GIS Telecom”

Create a free tour or video in Google Earth Pro

Google Earth a google developed free platform that allows us to view  high resolution satellite image of Earth, Moon, Mars and sky. Through Google Earth you can explore the world with satellite imagery. In the previous article we explained how to  Download Satellite image for free. A 3D representation with 360 degree view. For GIS … Continue reading “Create a free tour or video in Google Earth Pro”

Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share

Howdy Guys, in these days and age of open source society where people no spun out depends on told information maps play a vital role. In this article we are showing a feature of IGIS Map Tool –  Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share. You can share maps for business … Continue reading “Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share”

Convert Shapefile to DXF

Shapefile is a vector GIS format developed by Esri. It stores geographical information data. Shapefile have three geometries point, line and polygon. GIS data can be stored in different formats and the conversion of data from one format to other is also possible. So in this post we convert Shapefile to DXF. Before conversion lets know … Continue reading “Convert Shapefile to DXF”