Alaska GIS data – Shapefile, Kml, Administrative boundary, Boroughs, airport, highway line

Alaska is a northwest state of the United States of America. It is divided into 19 organized boroughs and one unorganized boroughs. Here in this article, you can download the link of Alaska GIS Data – Boroughs shapefile, administrative boundaries. Airport point, atm point, hospital, building shp.

Alaska GIS Data – Boroughs shapefile

Alaska is the largest US states according to area. Juneau is the capital of Alaska state. Link to download gis data of Alaska state is provided below. Please make sure to check the data table before downloading map.

Administrative polygon shapefile of Alaska

For download click on the link –

Alaska administrative polygon shapefile

For viewing data toggle from Map to data shown in below screen.

Alaska GIS Data - Boroughs shapefile

In the above screen, the gis data of Alaska administrative boundary is visible. You can download it into shapefile, kml, geojson, Mapinfo, PostgreSQL, and CSV. And for any other formats try our Gis Converter Tool.

Alaska GIS Data - Boroughs shapefile

For viewing specific information about the location click on the map.

Alaska Boroughs polygon shapefile, kml, Geojson

This GIS data covers both organized and unorganized boroughs of states.

  • Aleutians East Borough
  • Anchorage
  • Bristol Bay Borough
  • Denali Borough
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough
  • Haines Borough
  • Juneau
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough
  • Ketchikan Gateway Borough
  • Kodiak Island Borough
  • Lake and Peninsula Borough
  • Matanuska-Susitna Borough
  • North Slope Borough
  • Northwest Arctic Borough
  • Petersburg Borough
  • Sitka
  • Skagway
  • Unorganized Borough
  • Wrangell
  • Yakutat

Boroughs shapefile of Alaska

Alaska polygon gis data with boroughs divisions are visible in the above screen. If you want to create more attractive then try formatting in Analysis & Share tool. With a single account, you can perform various operation on Gis data

Airport point Gis data of Alaska State

Click on the link for downloading airport point location data of Alaska state. Location data of Cold Bay Airport, Birchwood Airport, Boswell Bay Airport, Black Rapids Airport, Big Mountain Airport, Bettles Airport, Candle 2 Airport, Brown Low Point, Cantwell Airport, Buckland Airport, Atmautluak Airport, Juneau Harbor Seaplane, etc.

Alaska GIS Data - Boroughs shapefile

Zoom in or Zoom out for a clear view. Change the color of icons using the Analysis Tool.

Alaska Airport Point Shapefile

Highway Line GIS data of Alaska

For highway line you are only one click away.

Download highway line data of Alaska state

Create your own map and share your map with others.

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United States – Alabama GIS Data – Shapefiles, Kml, Csv, GeoJSON

A GIS is used in visual interpretation of data. Here in this blog you will find United States – Alabama GIS data. For research and development in various field GIS data is used. In other words, with mapping of following data on map make the analysis and extraction of data easy. Moreover, visual image is appealing then numbers.

Alabama is a southeastern state of United States. The state is known for its iron and steel natural resources, sweet tea and Football. Alabama capital is Montgomery. You can download Alabama GIS data like administrative national shapefile, polygon shapefile, county shapefile, administrative boundaries of level 6 & 8 is also available.

United States – Alabama GIS Data – Shapefile Shp

Go to IGIS Map GIS data and the select the desired states.

Alabama State Boundary Shapefile

For state boundary click on the link provided below. It covers state boundary.

Download Administrative Polygon Shapefile

You can edit or format the map as per need or requirement. For analysis and editing use IGIS Map Anaylsis Tool. In addition to editing, you can share the map with your client or colleague.

United States - Alabama GIS Data

You can view data information by clicking on the location on map. In the below screen you can see data table of the desired location.

United States - Alabama GIS Data

Before download Please check the data by toggle to data from map view.

County Polygon Shapefile of Alabama

For downloading county gis data click on below link. If you want GIS data other shapefile format then please choose other formats from drop down list (Kml, Csv, Geojson, )

Download County Polygon Shapefile of Alabama

United States - Alabama GIS Data

Download Airport Point of Alabama States of USA

For Airport Points GIS data click on below link.

Alabama States Airport Point Shapefile

United States - Alabama GIS Data

For GIS data in another GIS format that is not listed in the drop-down list, use IGIS Map Converter Tool.

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United States – Connecticut GIS Data – Shapefile, Kml, Csv, Geojson

Now a days GIS data is used in business and everyday life of individuals and organizations. It helps in understanding spatial patterns. In this Blog you get the link of United States – Connecticut Gis data – Shapefile, kml, csv, Geojson.

United States – Connecticut GIS Data – Shapefile

Connecticut is located in New England reason of the northeastern United States of America. Hartford is the capital and Bridgeport is the largest city of United States. The state named for Connecticut river which bisects the state in two parts. Click on the below link and download the Connecticut shapefile of United States. It covers Litchfield county, Fairfield County, New Haven County, Middlesex County, New London County, Hartford County, Tolland County.

Download United States Connecticut administrative polygon shapefile

United States - Connecticut GIS Data

You can check data before download by switching Map to data. Shown in above screen. For download click on download button placed near the name of layer. You can download GIS data of United States – Connecticut in Shp (Shapefile), Kml, CSV, GeoJSON, Mapinfo file and PostgreSQL.

United States - Connecticut GIS Data

You can view data table just by clicking on map location. In the above you can see the data table of the desired location.

If you want to GIS data in any other format then please have a look on GIS Converter Tool of IGIS Map.

Connecticut States Airport Point GIS Data

For Airport Point of Connecticut States click on link provided below. Make sure to check data table before downloading GIS data. Similarly, you can download other gis data just by clicking layer name given in left hand side.

Airport Point Shapefile of Connecticut States

United States - Connecticut GIS Data

After download if you want to analyze and create map try IGIS Map Analysis & Share Tool . Y ou can share your work with clients (others) using Create and Share Custom Maps – Add on Website, Social Sites Share.

For more GIS data Click the on GIS Data.

United Kingdom Shapefile download free – adminstrative, boundary line, coastline

United Kingdom made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is an island nation. In this post we are providing United Kingdom Shapefile download free link for your project. Here you get United Kingdom Boundary line shapefile, United Kingdom countries line shapefile.

United Kingdom Shapefile download free – Coastline

All data available are in EPSG:4326 WGS84 CRS (Coordinate Reference System). Following are the boundary line map  shapefile are available to download of United Kingdom .

Download link – United Kingdom boundary line shapefile

If it take time in rendering then tap on Zoom to layer shown in screen below.

Download polygon shapefile of United Kingdom

Polygon shapefile comprises following countries:

  1. England
  2. Northern Irland
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales

Download link for Polygon shapefile of United Kingdom

Download Shapefile of England

London is the capital of England. England shares borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.

Download link shapefile of England Country boundary line

London Shapefile Download

Click the link – London Administrative Shapefile

Download Shapefile of Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. This shapefile covers Glassglow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Paisley, Hamilton etc.

Download link Boundary line shapefile of Scotland

Download Wales shapefile

Wales is the Southwest country of Great Britain. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. Download link is provided below:

Wales boundary line of Shapefile 

Download Northern Ireland shapefile

Northern Ireland is known for Norman castle. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland.

Download link – Northern Ireland Shapefile boundary line

We try to cover all data exported from osm in shapefile. The data is provided and converted from osm to shapefile from open street map. All data are updated periodically once in a quarter year.  Similarly you may ask or hire us to download a map of water, roads, polygon, buildings, parks, etcs of a specific Area from open street map.

Please note that the United Kingdom data provided here is license under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Please review the same before using it. If you want data under different license you can also look over to the post : Download Free Shapefile Maps – Country Boundary Polygon, Rail-Road, Water polyline etc

Disclaimer : If you find any shapefile data of country provided is in correct do contact us or comment below, so that we will correct the same in our system as well we will try to correct the same in openstreetmap.

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