35+ Google Maps Tricks – Explore New Google Map Cool features

Google Maps is widely used by the people around the world. People has a reason to use this widely as it provides the ample of features.

We are using these features efficiently because they are very easy to use. Moreover with the feature, Google maps is consists of  Tips and Tricks as well.

So, here  we have come up with the 35+ Google Maps Tips  and Tricks. 

Let us start with our Google Maps Tips and tricks.  We have divided them in few segments and categorized them.

35+ Google Maps Cool Tricks

List  – New Google Maps’ Tips And Tricks

A. Navigation – Different ways for Navigation

Navigation is the process of getting location to reach from one place to another, which can be used by anyone . so the first in the list is Master Navigation.

1.Master Navigation:  Master Navigation is the another  way of navigation. Master Navigation show the navigation according to your transit.

Moreover ,Master navigation also shows the distance and time taken by each transit.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

So,whether you are travelling via  car or bike or any local transport or by walking it will show you the distance and time :

  •  it will take for car,
  • and for bike depending upon your transit.

2.Use Your Voice – Google Map feature: 

Have you ever thought of getting navigated by using your voice. Well, now you can think of it.

You can use your voice for navigation when your hands are busy in moving the steering wheel.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

Now, whenever you want to use the voice  navigation just tap the microphone symbol located near the search bar. Then say your location .

Afterwards it will show you the navigation with audio, you can mute and unmute the audio .

you can ask the things like where do I turn next? How far is the destination.

3.Avoid Tolls – New Google Map feature: 

How great would that be if you can save few bucks because of Google Maps. Google Maps can help you save those bucks by giving you route options accordingly like avoid tolls ferries.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

You can make your own route avoiding the tolls and ferries by selecting the route options.

You can select the route options once you set your destination by tapping direction icon.

Later on, once you are done with filling up the location and destination tap the three vertical dots. At the end you will find the route options.

Then Tap those three vertical dots and it will show you the route options to avoid tolls,highways,ferries.

4.Add Multiple Stop – Google Map: 

Just imagine you are travelling back to your home from your site and you have to go to your office. One of your friend’s home on your way, but they are poll apart .

Now,what will you do ??

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

Simply open your Google Maps and tap the directions icon,fill up your current and destination location.

Before starting your Navigation tap on the three vertical dots at top right of the screen and there you can see “add stop” option .

Add as much stop as you want and google maps will make a route for you.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

5.Indoor Navigation :  Indoor navigation helps you in navigating inside the building or premises.

Google Maps will now give you the directions of the floor or to any shop or office to which you are looking for in the premises.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

For using Indoor Maps all you  have to do is

  • open the Google maps in your phone.
  • Search for any location which you want to visit. For ex ; any mall
  • look up for the floor or the shop which you want to visit. For ex: Madame.
  • so just tap the location and zoom in at the Mall and it will show you the inside direction to the places.

B.Offline Area – Google Map New Feature:

 Suppose you are entering into roaming. If you use Google Maps there it will charge you extra for roaming.

Now you do not want to spend your extra data pack and money in roaming.  so you can also take the maps offline.

wondering how??

Lets check out below.

1. WIFI only : 

Wifi only is a feature that helps you limit your data usage , as it will work only if you are connected to wifi.

For using WIFI only feature of google Maps you need to enable it from settings.

Tap the top left Hamburger button. Scroll down to select settings, when you open the settings you will be able to  enable the  wifi only option by tapping on the switch beside it.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

2.Plan Ahead : So, you are planning for some hill stations to visit in the upcoming vacations, and what if you do not find any networks at the heights ?

So, Simply plan your vacation and route without being panic and you can plan and save the locations and maps for future use.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

3.Download the area: Well now you can download the area which you have saved offline. you can download the area only when you have enabled WIFI only feature of the Google Maps.

Once you download the area you can access to it anytime whenever you need it.

C. Convince – Google Map New features:  

New to a place and looking for routes and finding way to reach there, you can take the help of Google Maps.

1. Order a Cab : Google maps now let you order a cab through Google Maps application,You can book any cab whichever is available in your country.

Cabs options may vary from country to country.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

To order a Cab from google maps ,Tap on the directions icon and fill up the current and destination locations ,and select the transit and it will show you the cab options available.

2.Search For Flight:  whenever you want to travel for a long route you can look up for the prices offered by the airlines companies .

You can plan your air trip with google maps very easily.

D.Types of Maps – Google Map tips and Tricks: 

we have so many things that are provided by Google Maps but there are various maps too which are provided by Google Maps which are as follows:

1. Terrain Maps : Terrain Maps are the maps which can be seen in a road view and satellite view.

Terrain Maps are the maps which shows the terrain or hilly area around you or the location for which you have  searched.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

For Looking over the hilly areas in a map ,tap on the hamburger button and scroll it down and select the Terrain option there and it will show you the terrain area.

2.Road Map :  Road maps are the general maps which we visualize regularly.

Road maps are very easy to understand and mostly used for navigation, it is one of the reliable map of Google Maps.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

3. Satellite Maps : Satellite maps are the maps which shows us the imagery of the area in the way that we can easily identify the  locations. It shows us the look of an area that how it looks from the sky or galaxy.

It provides us the satellite imagery of the area which can be easily identified.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

Satellite Maps shows the upper view of the area with the real imagery.

E.Know Congestion – List of Google Map tips:

 Think that you are travelling back to home  from work which is very far from your work place and there are so many signals in between and you are in hurry,because you have to attend the birthday party of your family member and there is a lot of traffic.

You must have  thought if you were aware about the traffic in the route you would have opted for the  different route???

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

KNOW TRAFFIC: Now you can get the traffic updates near your area with the help of google maps ,to enjoy the traffic updates near your area just tap on the traffic options .

Tap on the Hamburger button and scroll it down and select the Traffic from there and now Google Maps will show you the traffic conditions Nearby you by Google maps Traffic updates.

F. Know Time machine – Google Map Cool features

Time Machine : Time machine is the tool of Google maps which helps you in looking over the past of any area,country location that how it used to be before few years it will show you the images of that area and how far it has been developed .

HISTORY LOCATION : Google maps not only shows the history of any area or country , it also shows the places you had been to in the past.

Find out your history location from Google Map
Find out your history location from Google Map

Yes Google maps will show you the locations you were at in your timeline, You can add a location with date for your past locations,you can edit the locations, and even you can delete the history location of yourself.

G. Route – Google Map feature:

 Routes are the ways which makes us reach our destination and Google Maps plays a very important role in it. There are few ways to make your routes. These ways are as follows:

1. Transit Information: You can make your route through Transit information, If you are travelling via car you can get the different routes for reaching your destination.

if you are travelling via local transport google maps will also give you the Local transit information.

Moreover it will tell you the route of local transport and  will help you to reach your destination without wasting your time.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

2.Search Along the route: If you are travelling from one city to another and in between you feel hungry and you do not have any Idea of any restaurants in the route.

Then in that case do not get panic and simply open your Google maps and search for restaurants and it will show you the restaurant which will be nearby you and also in your route. Looking for gas station in between route, Google Map have this feature also.

So this way you can feed your tummy with something along with travelling.!!!!!!

H. Ways to Access  Google Maps – New Google Map features

Accessibility :  Its not that You can only use the map in its general form there are other accessibility of Google Maps as follows :

1.Switch to Compass Mode :  you can now access to the Google Maps not only with the Navigation key but also you can switch to compass mode.

Google Maps now show you the Navigation with compass as well .

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

While You switch to the Compass mode, It will show you the 2D and 3D view of the area.

Now switch to the Compass mode from the normal navigation and enjoy with Google Maps.

2.Lite Mode : 

You  can also use  lite mode  of google maps on the web platforms which will allow you to make the better use of Google Maps and later on you can also switch to the full Maps.

Switch to Google Map Lite Mode
Switch to Google Map Lite Mode

3.Send Directions to phone :  If you are looking for some area in your office’s system and you are looking for the directions then obviously you can not take the system with you, so here you have an option to send the direction to your phone.

S30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

4.Google Now : Google Maps are accessible from Google Now also.

If you have Google now in your phone then you can directly search the location over there and google Now will directly direct you to Google Maps .

You can use all the functions of Google Maps with Google Now.

I.Your Location – Know Google Map cool tips: 

who would know about your location more than you , so Google maps is giving you an opportunity to be a local guide and explore the Favorite places of your location.

1.Local Guide: Now you can be a  Local Guide for Google maps and in return Google maps will appreciate your contribution by providing extra drive storage and many other stuffs in the form of rewards.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

Being a Local Guide you can edit the places ,map and rate and review the places in the Google Maps.

2.Local Favorites : Google Maps will help you in looking out for the best favorites in the area nearby you , this will help you most when you are at a new place you can look for the restaurants , ATM nearby  you on the basis of rating and reviews given to them.

You can also give reviews to the places you had been to and also can rate them.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

J.Customize – Google Map New features:  

Customization is the biggest factor for any business to grow, and so does apply to

Google Maps , Google maps  has set the standards high for customization. Let us look how Google Maps provide us the Customization.

1.My Maps:  With My Maps feature of Google Maps you can create your Customized map. Label and share them with people. moreover you can also see the  maps which you own and which you do not own.

You can also look over the maps which has been shared with you.

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

2.Explore :  Map explore is one of the feature of Google maps which we can use to explore the maps which has been created and shared by the people from different regions.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

3.Upcoming Events : Google Maps will find you your upcoming events.

With the help of your Gmail Calendar and Google Calendar Google Maps will fetch the information and will let you know about the upcoming future events in the line.

4.Save : 

You can  save the Locations  which ever you like for further future reference. By searching for the locations and opening the card of that location,you will see the save option on that card. It will be saved when you tap on the save icon.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

5.Label :

 Now search for the location,Afterwards open the card of that location. Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right. Select the Add Label button and you can Give it a name of your wish .

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

K.Find – Know Google Map tips and Tricks:

 Google maps also works as a google for its users as we can find the things which are Maps related. Such as

1.Postal Address: 

One can easily search the postal address of any location by searching for the postal codes . It will also show the area belonging to it,or you can search for postal code in search bar .

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

2.Distance:  One can easily find the Distance between the two points by simply stretching the two points. It will show you the distance between these two locations. Also the time it will take to travel to it via different transits.

30+ google Maps' Tips and Tricks

You can easily measure Straight line distance between two points or location with Google Map.

3.Areas Google Maps Knows about:

Google maps also provides you with the areas about which google maps knows. It will also show you the ratings, reviews from the Local guides and from the people who have visited there.

4.Nation Specific Information: Google maps can help you find the nation specific information.

You can search for any country and then it will show you the nation specific information like the language. Also the domains would ends with the nation specific code.

L. More Tricks – New Google Map tips:

Few More For you : 

There are  more features of the Google Maps ,which are easy to use and are very useful for the users . These Features are :

1.Gestures :

Gestures are a very important thing in every aspect of life. While you are in an interview,the interviewer will look at your gestures that how you carry yourself, how presentable are you.

So does apply here and google Maps also has some gestures like :

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out by double tapping.
  • Map toolbar such as direction key,hamburger button.

  • Scrolling the Map
  • Compass icon for Navigation
  • My location button.

2.Keyboard’s Shortcuts :

 Google maps not only shows the shortcuts for the locations and routes. But it can also be controlled with Google Map key board shortcuts while you are using it in Web platforms.

You can use your Keyboard’s keys to navigate from one place to another. It can also scroll the map in all the directions and for performing the other functions of the Google maps.

So,you can use :

  • Page Up key or ‘W’ button – move camera upwards i.e towards sky.

  • Left arrow key or ‘A’ button –  Rotate left camera to 45 degrees
  • Page Down key or ‘S’  button – move camera downwards i.e towards ground.

  • Right arrow key or ‘D’ button – Rotate Right camera  to 45 degrees.
  • Double Left click : Zoom out the Google map.
  • (+) Plus and (-) key : Zoom in and out the map respectively.

  • Scroll wheel : Use mouse scroll to Zoom in and Zoom out in Google Map.
  • Double Right click : Moreover you can Zoom In the map.

3. Footnotes section of Google Map :

While there are few things for you in the footnote of Maps when you operate it in the web platforms. You can see the terms and conditions of Google Maps. Adding to it You can also send the feedback for the Maps.

You  can use these features in the Mobile application as well. For using these features in Mobile application , tap the hamburger and scroll it down. Right there you will find these options.

So, these all are the Google Maps’ Tips  and Tricks. If You know any other which I missed here then do let us know by commenting below.

Google Indoor Maps – Navigate Inside the building

We all are using the Google maps on a very high frequency that we find it very easy to reach any new place without a fear of getting distract route , we are all so comfortable using the Google Maps because of the way they offers the dynamic features. Google maps has ample of features that allows  its users to enjoy their travel without any fear. So,now that we have already been using this location search tool -Google maps, but now you can use it for Indoor  navigation as well. Yes, the Google Indoor Maps are introduced by Google Maps.

Google Indoor maps  is the tool to navigate inside the building or any mall or airport or any big infrastructure. Indoor maps helps you to find the location of your favorite Brand in the mall, or may be you are looking for some office in a building then also you can use Indoor maps feature of the  Google maps.

Well, the question arises now is how can we use the Google Indoor Maps Feature of  Google Maps , so let me show you the way to use it:

Google Indoor Maps

  • open the google maps in your phone or Web platforms.

Google Indoor Maps- navigate inside the building

  • Search for any location .for example : a Mall

Google Indoor Maps- navigate inside the building

  • Tap on the location searched and zoom in the location.

Google Indoor Maps - navigate inside the building

  • Once you zoom in the searched location it will show you the inside area  of the mall and the  shops which are there.
  • They also provide a static map, which can be created by Owner or Manager of Organization.

So, this is how Google Maps’ Indoor maps are helping Google Maps’ users finding any shop in the mall, or an office in a building or anything which is present in the building. Use Indoor Maps which helps you in exploring the new building ,new things in the mall and what not. Do let us know how much useful Indoor Maps are for you.

Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map- Types Of Google Maps Layer

Google Maps is reaching the heights of  the Perfection in providing services to its users, Google Maps is one of the largest location service provider. They have again putted some features to make its use easy and flexible which will obviously make its users happy. We can use the Google maps in three different ways too. Types of Google Maps – Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map. 

So, there are enormous use of all the three. Road Map has its own important features, Satellite View can also be very fruitful for Google Maps users, and the Terrain, it is also the greatly used  Map of Google Maps.

You may check all features covered under one article for Google Map.

Types of Google Maps – Road Map, Satellite Map, Terrain Map:

Basically, we have three types of Maps which are as follows :

  • Road Map

types of maps

  • Satellite Map

types of maps

  • Terrain Map.

Types Of Google Maps

Let us discuss all the features, good, bad and everything about these Google Maps Layers.

Road Map – Types of Google Maps

Road map Basically is the Map which we see which we visualize when we open the  Google Maps. It is the Normal and general Map which helps us to Navigate,to find location through roads, it is the basic version of the maps.

We can also use the Road maps to mark the places,for voice  navigations and all the other features can be used through it. It is one of the simplest way to find out the routes,locations, making our own route and what not.

Satellite Map – Types of Google Maps:

Satellite Maps gives the imagery view of any location or area . It shows  how a place would look like from satellite. These kind of maps are more certain and reliable ,they shows us the best possible ways to any location.

As it shows how the earth or part of earth will look like it makes easy for us to find out the area or location which we wish to know or which we want to visit, it gives the real image of the area , such that we can easily use this.
We can easily use all the features of google Maps in satellite view as well, like WIFI use only, add stop  in between the route and everything else can be done with the satellite map.

Terrain Map – Types of Google Maps:

Terrain Maps are useful for every Individual. Terrain Maps are the ones which makes us identify the terrain area or mountain area easily, they are shaded with the stone color or brown color to make them identify easily.

This useful terrain Map can be used by any individual user of Google Maps, and it also supports all the features of Google Maps like Label the locations.

45 degree imagery – Types of Google Map:

The  Google Maps provide 45 degree image resolution. This high resolution maps provide perspective view for each direction ,these images are available at higher Zoom level for the maps type supported.

So,these are the three Types of Maps which can be used by any individual for their convenience they allow you to access all the features of google maps . Now that you know about the type of maps , use them and do let us know your experience by commenting in the comment box.

Get County, postal address, administrative area On Google Maps

From adding stop in the route to limiting data usage by downloading offline area while connected to WIFI  , Google Maps has ample number of features for its users .Google Maps is widely introducing new Features for its users. Google Maps is providing these feature without restricting their use to Google maps application, rather you can also go for web platforms to use these Features. Add to it , Google Maps have now introduced one more feature to add to the list :  Get an area covered of County, postal address, administrative area On Google Maps.

Postal address of a Location can be found very easily through Google Maps’ My Maps or vice versa. With this feature of google Maps you can search postal address of any location or you can search any location when you know the postal address.

You may be interested in looking over 35+ Google Map cool tips and tricks.

Get County, postal address, administrative area On Google Maps

This feature is really very helpful for the people across the globe. Moreover this feature is accessible on web and application both.

Lets see how this feature of Google Maps works:

  • Open the Google maps on your phone application or on web platforms.

Get County-postal address-administrative area On Google Maps

  • If you wish to know the postal address of your current location than tap on the  pin.

Google Maps postal Address feature

  • Once you tap on the pin you will see the card appearing for your location and it will provide you with the full postal address of the location.

Google Maps postal Address feature

  • If you wish to know the Location for any postal address you can search for location with the postal address.

Google Maps postal Address feature

  • Now,it will show you the location for which you were looking.

Google Maps postal Address feature

If you type the pincode or zipcode then their might be chances that Google Map would provide you whole administrative area of the respective pincode or zipcode as can be shown in figure below. The area indicated or covered by red border. While I didn’t find Google Map api to provide this feature to extract the area. Neither any notice is given, if this feature could be added to Google Map API in future.

Get County, postal address, administrative area On Google Maps
Get County, postal address, administrative area On Google Maps

Disclaimer and note: That we are not sure whether Google Map shows the administrative area collected from Crowd sourced or if they are showing the area given by third party or Governments. So I am not sure to claim for the correctness of Google map in showing those Administrative Area.

Google Maps is the most used map tool by individuals as well as the organisations, governments also uses it for many purpose.

By Getting this Administrative area, we can take a snapshot and georeference the image and finally get a shapefile or KML file out of this image with the help of digitization.

Now that  you know about getting postal address, how this would help you to get administrative area and how to get a shapefile or KML file. So, make optimum use of this article and do let us know how useful this article is for you by commenting below in the comment box.

Add or Load GeoJSON file – Point, Polyline or Polygon map – Leaflet js

Are you looking to create a map interactive application to locate markers with points, or to highlight an area by polygon or to draw or show a river or roads line with polyline? With Leafletjs library and GeoJSON as GIS data, we can easily create a map which we are looking for and render the output in browser. Leaflet js is an opensource small library to create interactive map. GeoJSON is one of the GIS data structure which stores geographic data in JSON format. GeoJSON supports point, line, polygon, multipolyline, multipolygon and Geometry collection which can represent a geometry, feature or a collection of features. A detailed structure of GeoJSON would be written in separate article.

Add or Load GeoJSON file

This Article would let you know how to render and load geoJSON file with the help of leaflet js library. Also you would also get an idea by this article to implement a click event over a GeoJSON file and fetch information associated with the feature of GeoJOSN data loaded as map.

If you are not familiar with Leaflet, I would recommend you to read first the Getting Started tutorial with Leaflet js Library to create map application.

Lets setup a Base Map First i.e loading openstreetmap or osm in leaflet, in a html file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Getting Started - Leaflet js Map interactive library</title>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>
<div id="map" style="width: 1000px; height: 600px;"></div>
var newMap ='map').setView([38.9188702,-77.0708398], 13);
L.tileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
attribution: '&copy; <a href=””>OpenStreetMap</a> contributors'

Above script would output and render an osm base map. Now lets start adding different features on map one by one with GeoJSON file.

Add or Load GeoJSON file – Load Polygon with leaflet on Map:

Add following script, and replace the ‘usa_adm.geojson’ to the file you are want to render.

// loading GeoJSON file - Here my html and usa_adm.geojson file resides in same folder
// L.geoJson function is used to parse geojson file and load on to map

After adding the polygon layer you may want to view or load the map area covered or extended by the polygon GeoJSON file. i.e On Map load you want to zoom and pan according to the extent or to fit layer bounds. For this, Leafletjs provided a function to calculate the bounding box of the geojson file or layer i.e layer.getBounds(). And also with leaflet map fitBounds function i.e map.fitBounds(“bounding coordinates”). Here is the line which you needs to add to script:


Finally, we are left only adding a click event to get the features data. With the help of Leaflet L.geoJson optional object parameter with key “onEachFeature“, we can add and define click event on every feature of the layer.

Here we would be fetching the attribute data of the feature clicked on Polygon GeoJOSN file. So before writing any script, we need to list out the feature properties list. You can get those properties key name easily if you are familiar with JSON files and structure.

So lets define a function named as onEachFeature and replace the ‘key’ keyword with your actual feature properties key of GeoJSON file:

onEachFeature: function(feature, featureLayer) {

So your final leaflet geojson code combines as i.e For adding polygon GeoJSON file on map, with click event and fit to extent functionality.

// add GeoJSON layer to the map once the file is loaded
var datalayer = L.geoJson(data ,{
onEachFeature: function(feature, featureLayer) {

As I have loaded a US administrative polygon GeoJSON here, we can see following output as :

Add or Load GeoJSON file - polygon
Add or Load GeoJSON file – polygon

Add or Load GeoJSON file – polyline on Leaflet Map:

Adding polyline Geojson with leaflet library is same as adding polygon file. So the above code would work for loading polyline GeoJSON file. Just you need to replace the file name with your polyline GeoJSON file and features properties key have to replaced by the actual key name, of which you want to retrive information.

Add or Load GeoJSON file - polyline
Add or Load GeoJSON file – polyline

Add or Load GeoJSON file – point with Leaflet js on Map:

Adding Point GeoJSON file is same as loading Polygon GeoJSON file. Here is the output you can see for the famous world Cities.

Add or Load GeoJSON file - point
Add or Load GeoJSON file – point

If you find any difficulty in adding or loading GeoJSON file on map with leaflet library, do comment below with your queries.

Google Maps Review Ratings of local Favorites – Know users view

Google maps, One can access map on desktop and on phone as well we have an application for Google maps that we can download from play store. Google map provides us with so many functions like navigation, locations, our history location is also been showed by  Google maps. So adding to the list we have one more new option updated by Google maps that  Google Maps Review Ratings and  “find your favorites” nearby.

So, if you are new to place you will definitely be obliged to thank Google maps for this option. Google is trying to render its services to people in the best way possible no matter if that means being a city guide.

Google Maps Review Ratings – Search Nearby Brief

Now Google maps suggest you the places you can visit, restaurants you can fill your hunger at , or maybe a good pub to enjoy the Saturday night at.

To use this option all you need is a Google map application in your android phone.

Check the following steps to find out your local favorites in the Google map application:-

  • Open your mobile app.
  • Tap on the search bar.

  • Once you tap on the search bar you will find some option

  • Tap on ‘MORE’ icon.
  • Now you will be able to get all the options.

  • Select any option whichever you want. For example:-restaurants.
  • Once you tap on restaurants icon it will give you a list of restaurants nearby you.
  • Tap on the individual restaurant card, doing so lets you check everything about that particular restraunt.

So, it is not only about filling your hunger up but it can be anything else which you need around your location.

Google Maps Review Ratings of LOCAL FAVORITES

while finding your nearby places you can select the places  on the basis of ratings and reviews as google maps will show you the ratings and reviews for every place it shows. Moreover  you can also add the places you had been to and you can review and rate any place you had been to.

Now you know that you can also update the places you had been to ,and also you can rate and review them, but how???

we will show you how to do that, check the steps below :-

Write Reviews and rate the places – LOCAL FAVORITES

suppose you want to rate and review the restaurant you recently been to,  so for that all you need to do is ;

  • Open your Google maps application in your phone.

  • Tap on the search bar.

  • write the name of the place you had been to.
  • click on it .
  • open the card that shows your search

  •  scroll down it to the end .
  • There you will see the option of rate and review.

  • Tap on these stars and it will ask you your review  and you are done with rate and review part.

Sometimes it happens that we do not remember the name of the place but damm you really liked that place and want other too to visit there at least for once. So it is also a very easy task to rate and review that place as Google saves your history locations . so rating and reviewing that way you can take the following steps:-

  • Open the Google maps app in your phone or desktop.

  • On the top left corner of your screen you will see the hamburger  button.
  • Tap that button and you will see the “your contribution” option.

  • Tap on “your contribution” option.
  • once you tap that option scroll it down and you will see “place you’ve visited” in the bold letters .

  • That is the place from where you can do the review  and rate thing for the place you had been to.

Look over Google Maps Tips and Tricks list and also Google Map Gas Station.

Check Ratings and reviews – Local Favorites

Have you ever thought of being to a new place and looking for a good restaurant, but nobody can decide  it without having been to it or maybe having someone who had been to it can help,also this will help to an extent. To check ratings and reviews of local favorites nearby your locations ; following are the steps for it :

  • open the Google Maps application in your phone.

  • Tap on the search options.

  • Choose your option out of all the choices given. for ex :restaurant.
  • Tap on the Restaurant

  • Open the card of any restaurant  out of all the options.

  • once  you open the card scroll it down
  • There you can see the ratings and reviews given  to that restaurant by the people who had been there.

On the basis of these ratings and reviews you can select the best option available. This way it makes so convenient to choose  a good place without wasting your resources. Use Google Maps Review Ratings feature offered by Google maps and I would love to hear how this article helped you!

Create Customized Maps with Google Maps – My Map Feature

My Map is one of the new feature offered by the Google Maps, Google maps are trying to satisfy their users by providing the best ease of using the Google Maps. Customization has reached to a level that now it is available in the google maps too. My maps is the tool which helps in making your own customized and personal maps.

Customization of the Maps has never been so easy than this. customization itself is a very much good attribute to hike upon on business and as we all know that we like the things which we can mould according to us, according to our comfort, according to our ease of use ,according to our benefit.

My Maps feature on web Platform – Google Map

Primary Features of My Maps

Let us check the way to use My Maps Feature on web, so as to create your own customized map:

  • To use my maps features of Google Maps open Google Maps in the Web platform google map  my map editor. Or you can do it by navigating to google map and follow this steps:

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • Tap on the hamburger button located left to the search bar.
  • when you tap on the hamburger button you will see ‘your places’ options.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • Tap on ‘your places’ option.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • once you tap on the ‘your places’ options you will see the card getting opened for your your places.
  • Tap on the ‘Maps’ option of the ‘your places’ card.
  • Customized Maps With Google Maps
  • once you tap that card you will see the maps you have already created and in the bottom you will see the option to ‘create maps’ and ‘see all your maps’.
  • Tap on either of the option to create your customized map.

Customized Maps With Google Maps

  • You will see this ‘create a new Map’ option, tap on it and now you can create your own map.

customized maps with google Maps

So, this is how you can make your customized map. Still not satisfied with the level of customization? okay not a big deal for google Maps, adding more features to Customization now you can also add image to your markers. As shown in the above image you can see at the right bottom of the card a camera sign, that means you can also add the image of your choice to that mark.

There are so many things which you can do with your customized Maps , such as :

  • Making Polygons: You can make polygons with the help of ‘draw line’ options by joining them. You can also change the color of the polygon once you save the polygon you can add color to it by tapping on the style icon. We use colors to give every polygon an Identity, You can give blue color to the polygon for water surfaces, green indicates park or garden.
  • Draw lines :  While with the plain lining you can also add the route for four wheeler, two wheeler and for the pedalist as well. You can use styling to color the poly lines also.
  • Label the spots :  you can also add the spots and label them.

customized maps with google Maps

  • Add the Marker : as shown in the above image I have marked a location by tapping on the pin.
  • You can also add directions to it:  you can add directions too while creating your customized map.
  • measure the distances: Google Maps customized map also help you in measuring the distances.

customized maps with google Maps

Share your Maps:  

You can also share your Maps by tapping on the ‘your Places’ and then tapping on the Maps to see all your Maps when you can see all  your Maps tap on any map and then it will be opened up as shown in the above picture.tap on the share button and then give a name to your Map and fill its description, and then add the name of the people you want to share it with and change the access according to you.

Secondary Features Of My Maps – Create Customized Map

Google Maps’ My Maps features also facilitates you to check map explorer option of Google map:

  • All Maps that you have created, own and the ones which you do not own.

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps you own

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps shared with You

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps not owned by you

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

  • Maps you have been recently to.

Customized Maps with My Maps Feature of Google Maps

Maps View :

You can also view the maps according to your preferences, you can arrange them in the list or grid order, you can also sort them according to you.

  • List View

google maps My maps feature

  • Sorting

customized maps of google maps

Moreover, you can also ‘Share customized maps’ on Google maps ,for other users to use and explore them and get to know about the various locations. Google Maps are very much known and reachable to anyone across the globe.

Look more Google Map tips and Tricks, So,now make your own map ,showcase your location, let people know more about the places , and enjoy the customization at Google Maps too.

Explore Maps Story – Google Maps My Map Explorer feature

Google Maps has been proving itself since very long, Google Map is one of a kind, location search engine.  Google Maps is the location search engine which is laced with the long list of the features . Google maps offers the best ever features to its users. Starting from the navigation they have now reached up to a very big level and advanced features. Now in addition they have allowed their users to make their maps and share them with the other users. My Maps – Maps Explorer are the very useful features offered by  Google Maps to its users.

This Feature can be used on the web platforms . Google Maps My Maps – Maps explorer features are very useful for the people who are travel freak or may be for the people who loves to know about the different locations of the different countries.

Explore Maps Story – Google Map Explorer

The Maps in the explore section of the My Maps features are the ones which are made by the people across the globe and  have shared it.

To explore the Maps across the world all you need to do is to follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google Maps on web  platform and login to it.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Tap on the Hamburger button located at the left of search tab.
  • After tapping on the Hamburger button scroll it down and you will see ‘your Places‘ option.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Tap on ‘your Places’ option .
  • once you open your places you will find four option ,tap on the last one that is ‘Maps’.

  • Tap on the Maps and you will get ‘see your Maps’ option, tap on it.

My Maps Map Explore

  • Once you open the explore option you can see the maps created and shared  over there. Or you can directly open following link if you are already login, you can check the map explorer.

My Maps Map Explore

Explore Google Map more features. This is just one feature of My Maps from Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to create your customized apps. So,there are more features to your ease offered by Google Maps.

Map makers retiring in March 2017

We all know how much Google has put efforts to make Google Maps the biggest location search engine. Google Maps provide us with so many features like add stop, master navigation, voice navigation, it also helps us to download offline area over wifi such that it will help you to limit your data usage and helps you to save a few bucks. Google maps now allow you to make your own map also as the map maker is graduating to google maps.

Map makers retiring in March 2017

Map makers getting close

Earlier Google Maps were not so common to people , but now everyone knows  what google maps are and how can they help us to go to some places, malls, nearby shops and what not. Google map also allows us to make our own map by marking the locations or places you had been to or by making the groups of the places which can help you later to look over the locations.

Map makers graduating to google maps in March 2017

This map maker feature of Google maps is expected to be closed by March 2017. Map maker feature of Google maps allow you to mark your favorite restaurants, or maybe your favorite club and resorts or it could be anything.

Google map maker has shifted to Google maps as they are adding one more feature to Google maps , now users can easily add a place, add information about the place or can edit the existing information about the place, moderate the edits and of course you can also see the status of your edits.

one can continue contributing to the google maps about the local knowledge by joining Local guide community , which can earn you points and rewards for submitting edits and providing other information.

So people , now backup your map maker data before it gets Graduate to Google maps.

So, from April onwards we will not be able to mark our own map or grouping the different entities with different makers on Map Maker.

Google Map – Options to Save, Label and Share Location

Google maps are now providing us with the Few more additional features in addition to the long list of the Features . Now , we have Save ,Label and Share  options in Google Maps. Google maps is providing a new feature every fortnight to its users, adding to it this time they have updated the Google Maps with new options like Save ,Label and share.

Save, Label and Share Location on Google Map

Now, while using Google Maps you should remember that now you can save any place that you have been to and liked it most such that you can use it in future , Moreover if You find any location and want to give your customized name to it you can do that by labeling it, and suppose if you want to share your location or any other place you can do that as well.

Save ShareLabel Location

Google Maps now allow you to Save, Share and label any location. This feature of Google Maps can also be used on web platforms as well rather than Google Maps mobile application. Google Map also provides direct way to share location or direction to your Android or iOS mobile app.

Lets Check Save, Label and Share Location on Google Map:

  • open the app in your phone.

Google Maps Features Save,Share -LAbel

  • Look for any XYZ location , you can either search it or can take your current location. Or with the help of Nearby feature of Google Map you can search for the desired location.
  • Tap on the card that gets open for that location.

Save, Label and Share Location

  • once you open that card you will see few options there, they are Save,share and call.
  • For saving the location tap on the star button and it will turn yellow that means the location has been saved.
  • You will find a Share button near to save button , tap on that button and you will get the sharing options for sharing that particular location

Save, Label and Share Location

  • The last  but not the least is the option for Labeling the location or giving name to any location.
  • you will get the ‘Label’ option when you open the location card.
  • Once you open the location card you  will see three vertical dots above the card .

Google maps options - save-Label- Share

  • Tap on these three vertical dots and the first option you will see is ‘add label’.
  • Tap on add label and you can give a name to it.

Now that you have already done labeling and saving part, so now you will see the location card  is showing ‘saved and labelled’ for that particular location.

Google Map - Options to Save, Label and Share Location

Now that we have learnt how to use these features in Google Maps application , let us see how we can do it on the web platform.

Save, Label and Share Location on Google Web Map application

You already know how to use these features in Mobile application , but lets say you are in the office can not use phone in front of the boss , then Google Maps web Platform will help you use these features .

Lets check how to use these features on web:

  • open Google Maps on the desktop and sign in to it.
  • Tap on the current location or search for any location.
  • once the card opens for that location you will see options like save,share,send to phone and Nearby.
  • when you tap on save it will be saved such that you can use it in future.
  • You can share it by tapping on the share button.

Moreover, you can also send the location to your phone, and also search for the nearby places of that location.

So this is how we can use all these features Of Google Maps. Save,Share and Label Features can help one to save location for future and can share locations with others through different kind of  means, and lastly you can also add labels to the locations. 

How this article was helpful for you do let us know by commenting below in the  comment box.