Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool

To create GIS Bubble maps, first of all we must know what GIS Bubble Map is?  Bubble Map is all about symbolizing layers to represent quantity, as it mostly works in the same way as quantity map.  Bubble map uses range of colored bubbles of different sizes in visualization of data and is also known … Continue reading “Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool”

KML to Shapefile – Conversion

In this post we are going to discuss that how KML to Shapefile conversion can be done. KML is the file extensions used in Google applications, specifically Google Earth and Google Maps and  Shapefile is a file format which is  mainly used in software like ESRI ArcGIS and ArcView. Conversion Of GIS data like KML to Shapefile can … Continue reading “KML to Shapefile – Conversion”

Leaflet Js Plugin Basics Tutorial

In this blog post we are going to provide you the Leaflet Js Plugin Basics Tutorial. Leaflet Js has stated the main aim of its use is to provide JavaScript libraries for drawing maps, with good performance and usability. Leaflet has many features yet to be included for getting excel in performance and usability but … Continue reading “Leaflet Js Plugin Basics Tutorial”

Introduction of QGIS 3.4.4 for beginners

Quantum Geographical Information System is a open source platform for viewing, editing, managing and analysis of spatial data with various features which makes your analysis better. As we need word processor to deal with words similar to this for spatial information we require GIS application. In this blog I am providing Introduction of QGIS 3.4.4 … Continue reading “Introduction of QGIS 3.4.4 for beginners”

Create Category Map in GIS – IGIS Map Converter Tool

Category map in GIS is the most common and simple type of GIS Map. Category map in GIS can be created very easily with the help of IGIS Map Converter Tool. The Category map in GIS help us visualize and identify the category of the location. Categorization is an essential requirement for the map users to analyze … Continue reading “Create Category Map in GIS – IGIS Map Converter Tool”

Basics of Cartography: Map, Map Projection

Cartography is a science which deals with the study and drawing of maps. Simply, we can say it is related to mapmaking methods. Cartography is made of two words ‘Carto’ means map or chart and graphy means ‘to draw’ or ‘to write’. Here in this article we will understand Basics of Cartography: Map, Map Projection. … Continue reading “Basics of Cartography: Map, Map Projection”

Leaflet.js – Point, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle, Circle – Basic Shapes

In this tutorial we are focusing on the Leafletjs basic shapes used for mapping. Leaflet.js can add various shapes such as circles, polygons, rectangles, polylines, points or markers etc. here, we will discuss how to use the shapes provided by Google Maps. If you are not familiar with Leaflet.js, you can visit our another blog Leaflet … Continue reading “Leaflet.js – Point, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle, Circle – Basic Shapes”