Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file

In this article we will be discussing about convert GeoJSON to MIF Mapinfo using GDAL utility (Ogr2ogr). This conversion is useful with MapInfo mapping and geographic analysis softwares. Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file We must understand GeoJSON and MIF format in detail before conversion. Specification of GeoJSON data- Convert Geojson to MIF Geojson data is … Continue reading “Convert Geojson to MIF MapInfo file”

Convert GeoJSON to KML

In this article we would be discussing about conversion of GeoJSON data to KML (Keyhole Markup Language). This conversion is required when you are using software such Google earth to see the data. KML works great with Google earth. There is simple step to Convert GeoJSON to KML using ogr2ogr utility from GDAL library. Before … Continue reading “Convert GeoJSON to KML”

NetCDF Multidimensional data

NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is multidimensional data format only supports EPSG 4326 (WGS84). Multi dimensional simply means that it can grow in all direction with time. It has some important vocabulary to defines formation of NetCDF data structure. You may also look over HDF multidimensional Data, GRIB multidimensional data and all multidimensional data. To … Continue reading “NetCDF Multidimensional data”

HDF MultiDimensional Data

Hierarchical Data Format HDF multidimensional data, which can grow in space and time dimension. It is specially designed by National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) for storing scientific data in mosaic datasets. You may also look over GRIB, netcdf and all multidimensional data. Here the data is stored in hierarchical format i.e. in tree like structure. … Continue reading “HDF MultiDimensional Data”

GRIB Multidimensional Data

General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary GRIB multidimensional Data that can grow in space (Latitude, Longitude and altitude) and time. GRIB data is standardized by World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This contains various raster data in mosaic datasets.  This stores data from meteorological department and weather forecast. You may also look over NetCDF multidimensional data, HDF multidimensional data … Continue reading “GRIB Multidimensional Data”

MultiDimensional Data – NetCDF, GRIB, HDF Format

In this article we are going to discuss about multidimensional data. The dataset comprises space (latitude ,longitude and altitude) and time. Here we can have temperature dataset as an example which spreads in all direction and increases/decreases with time. Multi-Dimensional data comprised of multiple dataset for specific purpose. Data can be for Atmospheric, oceanographic and … Continue reading “MultiDimensional Data – NetCDF, GRIB, HDF Format”

Convert GeoJSON to Shapefile

In this article we are converting GeoJSON to Shapefile shp format. You might be thinking why would anyone convert GeoJSON in shapefile. Answer is very simple Shapefile is very popular data format with open specification for data interoperability among GIS (Geographical information system) softwares. Before moving towards conversion steps we must look for GeoJSON and … Continue reading “Convert GeoJSON to Shapefile”

Import OSM data in Postgis – OSM2pgsql

This article lets you know how to import data in postgresql.  Open Street map (OSM) is open and free data. Anyone one can download this data. It mainly contains point data, line data, polygon data and geometry information. Data contains much information and becomes heavy i.e. upto 30GB or more. Many compression techniques are applied to … Continue reading “Import OSM data in Postgis – OSM2pgsql”

Install PostGIS and PostgreSQL in Linux Ubuntu 16.4

In this post we are going to talk about How to install PostGIS and PostgreSQL in ubuntu 16.4 (LTS) or Linux system. As we know geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. And PostGIS adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to … Continue reading “Install PostGIS and PostgreSQL in Linux Ubuntu 16.4”

PGrouting PostGIS Postgresql – No need for Google routing

Do you have all road data with you and want to creating routing from that according to your algorithm? Needs an alternative to Google Map API, when having your own road datasets? PGrouting with PostGresSql can help you out by doing that. Here in this post we will look for PGRouting PostGreSql implementation steps by … Continue reading “PGrouting PostGIS Postgresql – No need for Google routing”