Create Heat Map – IGIS Map Tool

Using Heat map is very effective way of visualizing points data. To create Heat map, first of all you must know what is heat map. When map visual of a location data is so dense and tightly packed that it does not make much sense a heat map is used. Heat maps are ordinarily used … Continue reading “Create Heat Map – IGIS Map Tool”

PHP connection with pgRouting for shortest path

Here in this post we do PHP connection with pgRouting for shortest path. Here we have explained how we can add source and destination point in table and how can we query for shortest route. In this demo we have made a connection between pgrouting and PHP using code igniter using code igniter framework. Here we … Continue reading “PHP connection with pgRouting for shortest path”

GIS Data Conversion

Hey guys, in this post we are going to focus on one of the important topic of GIS world, which is the “DATA CONVERSION”. Data Conversion means converting computer data into another format. With huge amounts of GIS data available for use, it is more cost-efficient and effective to convert the GIS data from one … Continue reading “GIS Data Conversion”

TAB to KML – Conversion

Are you looking for converting your TAB data file into KML format for using it in your GIS project? Have you extracted and downloaded TAB file from Map Info, MID or MIF and want to render it with your Geo library which support KML format?  If so, here is an article to convert TAB to KML format … Continue reading “TAB to KML – Conversion”

Query GIS Data – IGIS Map Tool

To Query GIS Data easily with IGIS map tool, we can use the Query tool.  A GIS query tool, or selection tool as it is often know, allows us to filter a dataset based on criteria that we define. Querying in IGIS Map Tool allows user to explore your data with rule based queries. User … Continue reading “Query GIS Data – IGIS Map Tool”

Convert GeoTIFF to AAIGrid

In this post we are going to discuss that how can we convert GeoTIFF to AAIGrid data format. GeoTIFF data is used in  software like BEAM and ER Mapper and  AAIGrid is a file format which is  mainly used in software like ESRI. GeoTIFF is a public domain standard which allows georeferencing information to be embedded within a TIFF file. GeoTIFF files also includes map projection, … Continue reading “Convert GeoTIFF to AAIGrid”

Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool

To create GIS Bubble maps, first of all we must know what GIS Bubble Map is?  Bubble Map is all about symbolizing layers to represent quantity, as it mostly works in the same way as quantity map.  Bubble map uses range of colored bubbles of different sizes in visualization of data and is also known … Continue reading “Create GIS Bubble Map – IGIS Map Tool”