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IGISMAP Services

Custom GIS Solutions: Develop and Deploy Applications for Your Unique Requirements

Our services

GIS Services Tailored to Your Needs: Mapping, Spatial Analysis, and Beyond

Web GIS Application Development Services

Our Web GIS Services offer professional application development to help clients manage their geographic data and improve decision-making processes.

GIS Training and Consultancy Services

Our GIS Training and Consultancy provides comprehensive education and guidance for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their geospatial skills and capabilities.

GIS Mapping Services

Our Mapping and Cartography service offers accurate and detailed maps for a wide range of industries, from logistics to urban planning.

Features and Benefits


Mapping services for various industries including agriculture, real estate, and urban planning

GIS technology solutions for data analysis, visualization, and management

Customized mapping solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs and requirements

Expert consultation and support from experienced GIS professionals

Access to an online GIS mapping tool with advanced features such as real-time tracking and data integration


Efficient mapping and data analysis for businesses and organizations

Streamlined decision-making processes through advanced GIS technology

Access to comprehensive and up-to-date geographic information

Customizable mapping solutions to fit specific project needs

Improved communication and collaboration among team members through shared GIS maps and data.


Experience the future of geospatial technology with our cutting-Edge Products

40+ GIS Tools and Products Available online

96000+ Registered Users taking advantage of

200+ Different countries data available online

More than 220 layers available for each country

Convert your data from and to any GIS format

Collect data with mobile application and collobrate with Team

Analyze and share GIS reports

About Us

With over 10+ years of industry experience, we are a trusted leader in providing comprehensive GIS services and a diverse range of GIS products. Our expertise lies in unlocking the power of location intelligence and helping businesses harness the full potential of their spatial data.

We are passionate about delivering accurate and reliable GIS solutions that enable our clients to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and gain a competitive edge. Whether you require precise mapping services, advanced spatial analysis, or customizable GIS products, our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique needs

Partner with IGISMAP and experience the transformative power of GIS to unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and revolutionize your spatial data management.

Our Team

IGISMAP was founded by a group of passionate GIS experts who envisioned a world where mapping technology can be easily accessible and utilized by businesses of all sizes.

Akshay Upadhyay

As the CEO of IGISMAP, I drive technological innovation and strategic growth, positioning us as a leading provider of GIS software solutions with a customer-centric focus.

Juhi Acharya

As the COO of IGISMAP, I ensures efficient processes, optimal resource allocation, and seamless execution of our business strategies to drive growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.