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Convert Shapefile to TopoJSON file

Convert Shapefile to TopoJSON ESRI shapefile are the binary vector data storage format for storing the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features. It is stored as a set of related files and contains one feature class. Whereas TopoJSON (topological…
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Merge two or more polygons, points or polyline of Shapefile

Merge two or more polygons, points or polyline of Shapefile in QGIS. Do you want to merge features of to combine them into one feature and to maintain its database dbf values along with it. QGIS – Quantum Geographic information system…
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Download Free Shapefile Maps – Country Boundary Polygon, Rail-Road, Water polyline etc

Download Free Shapefile Maps – Shapefile is one of the most common and extensively use vector file format of GIS (Geographical Information System), developed by ESRI as an open Specification, which consist of collection of files viz .shp, .shx and .dbf…
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Different ways to convert Shapefile to GeoJSON – Online or Offline or API

Convert Shapefile to GeoJSON. Shapefile, ESRI made a standard vector file format which is largely adopted in the field of GIS by programmers and geographers . While GeoJSON is also an open standard format designed for Web which largely supported…
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Merge more than two Shapefile in QGIS

Merge more than two Shapefile in QGIS. Do you want to merge two or more than two Shapefile? Do all the Shapefile are of same shape type i.e the Shapefile which can be merged with each other should have an identical…
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c++ program to read shapefile header

c++ program to read shapefile header. Shapefile can be read if you know the format of Shapefile files i.e of .shp, .shx, and .dbf file. ESRI provided technical description of the Shapefile files which describes very clearly about the format…
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Get minimum Bounding box of shapefile c++ program

Get minimum Bounding box of shapefile c++ program. This program not only reads shapefile, but makes you aware to read other files, i.e files which have .dbf, .exe, .png etc format without having software. Before that you should know about bits, byte…
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