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Google Maps API Tools

  • filter_dramaDirection Tool

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  • whatshotBearing Angle

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We are going to develop CMS tools on GIS. Perfect has been one of our most valued discoveries! The exceptional service offered by the team is second to none; the finished product is delivered perfectly, every time. It is a service we can (& do!) rely on and recommend to all that we meet.


3D Mapping For Campus

Rapid 3D Mapping is a stereophotogrammetry technology developed by the Swedish defence and security company Saab. The system generates three-dimensional maps by image captures of the terrain from a manned aircraft, helicopter and/or UAV.

GIS data is spatial data that is georeferenced to real-world locations on the Earth. There are two types of GIS data, both of which you can import: vector data and raster data. Vector datasets consist of points, lines, or polygons representing objects on the map. Raster datasets are regular grids of data, which can represent images such as satellite or aerial photography, continuous surfaces such as elevation models, or thematic classes such as land cover or habitat maps.

Upload and Host your GIS files

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