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Sorting feature from left to right – MySQL Spatial Sorting

MySQL Spatial Sorting. Let’s think of the situation where you want to color the map in such a way, that no adjacent group of features should have the same color, where group of feature is more than the number of…
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Insert Shapefile in MySql as Spatial Data

MySQL supports Spatial data type that corresponds to OpenGIS Classes. While MySQL is not one of the recommended database to store spatial data, but it definitely adds value if you have only one option to store GIS data. For instance…
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Connect QGIS to oracle spatial – Quantum GIS

How to connect QGIS to oracle spatial. QGIS can now connects to oracle to view spatial data and process it, great news for an open source software believers. As a newbie to QGIS user, i can just give a way,…
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Download and Install quantum GIS – QGIS with oracle connectivity

Download and Install quantum GIS – QGIS with oracle connectivity. Quantum GIS is an open source cross platform software for developing GIS (Geographic information System) solutions. QGIS connects to large set of spatial database and supports many data file formats,…
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