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Download Free Shapefile Maps – Country Boundary Polygon, Rail-Road, Water polyline etc

Download Free Shapefile Maps – Shapefile is one of the most common and extensively use vector file format of GIS (Geographical Information System), developed by ESRI as an open Specification, which consist of collection of files viz .shp, .shx and .dbf…
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Image Classification in QGIS – Supervised and Unsupervised classification

Image Classification in QGIS: Image classification is one of the most important tasks in image processing and analysis. It is used to analyze land use and land cover classes. With the help of remote sensing we get satellite images such as…
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Georeference a map with the help of another georeferenced map

Here we will see how to georeference a map with the help of another georeferenced map in QGIS (Quantum GIS). Georeference is a process to associate geographic location coordinates to any kind of physical object which is physically present over a…
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Different ways to convert Shapefile to GeoJSON – Online or Offline or API

Convert Shapefile to GeoJSON. Shapefile, ESRI made a standard vector file format which is largely adopted in the field of GIS by programmers and geographers . While GeoJSON is also an open standard format designed for Web which largely supported…
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Download Digital Terrain DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and create contours Maps

Digital Elevation Model is a 3D representation of a terrain. It is generated by collecting elevation points of terrain. We don’t have to do hectic work like this as webgis provides us with ready-made digital elevation data. WebGIS is where you can…
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Sorting feature from left to right – MySQL Spatial Sorting

MySQL Spatial Sorting. Let’s think of the situation where you want to color the map in such a way, that no adjacent group of features should have the same color, where group of feature is more than the number of…
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Add table attributes with joining two files in QGIS

Want to add more attributes in your Shapefile to respective feature? QGIS an open source tool, which I recommend to every Geographer for use, can give you direct solution. Sometimes we need to join more attribute to a GIS vector…
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