Publish Style Vector Dataset on GeoServer

GoeServer is one of the best server for storing Vector data. Geoserver is open source software and free to use. To know how to publish vector data and style it on Geoserver you can follow this tutorial. Before this you need to install Geoserver on your system for that read out our previous tutorial, install … Continue reading “Publish Style Vector Dataset on GeoServer”

Publish Style Raster Dataset On GeoServer

Publish Style Raster Dataset On GeoServer. Do you have raster data and want to host the data on geoserver and create a proper map with styling according to dataset? Well GeoServer gives you a direct and simple method to create a styled map. Before implementing steps to publish and sytle raster dataset on geoserver you … Continue reading “Publish Style Raster Dataset On GeoServer”

Install Geoserver – Windows OS – Step by Step

GeoServer is an open source server for sharing geospatial data in both vector and raster format. It is designed to host major data sources, which can easily render on maps. Download stable version of GeoServer to Install: Google out link. Hit the Download tab and install the stable version of geoserver. In this tutorial … Continue reading “Install Geoserver – Windows OS – Step by Step”

Convert- Shapefile Shp to SQL postgersql file

Shapefile shp can be converted in pgsql file using shp2pgsql command line tool. Sometimes you have a shapefile and want to upload the same in postgresql database, you can directly use shp2pgsql command and upload shapefile to postgis. While there might be possibilites that you would not be having access to your production server to … Continue reading “Convert- Shapefile Shp to SQL postgersql file”

Convert- Shapefile Shp to MIF – Map Info File

Many people uses MapServer as their Server, so they might need to store shape file as MIF (Map Info File) file on server. The OGR Simple Features Library allows MapServer users to display several types of vector data files in their native formats. For example, MapInfo Mid/Mif and TAB data can be seen on MapServer … Continue reading “Convert- Shapefile Shp to MIF – Map Info File”

Convert- Shapefile SHP to XLSX

Sometimes we just need to see attribute details not geometry. So instead of carrying heavy shape files we can convert them in XLSX format. XLSX file contains on attribute detail or can say non spatial data. XLSX files are light in weight. Along with shp to xlsx convert you may also check for shp to … Continue reading “Convert- Shapefile SHP to XLSX”

Convert- Shapefile Shp to ODS- Open Document Spreadsheet

Shape file to ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) conversion is required when you only need non spatial information i.e. only attribute information. This conversion need ogr2ogr utility. Or you may also you any other tool to convert shp to ods easily. What is ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) and Shapefile-Shp to ODS CONVERT An ODS (Open Document … Continue reading “Convert- Shapefile Shp to ODS- Open Document Spreadsheet”